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  • Carolee Schneemann


Viet-Flakes. 16mm, black and white toned/sound, 11 min. 1965.

Fuses (Part I of Autobiographical Trilogy). 16mm, color/silent, 22 min. 1964–67.

Plumb Line (Part II of Autobiographical Trilogy). Super 8mm step printed to 16mm, color/sound, 18 min. 1968–71.

Kitch’s Last Meal (Part IIII of Autobiographical Trilogy). Super 8mm dual projection, color/separate sound, variable units from 20 to 120 min. 1973–1978.

Performance Works Documented on Film or Video

Note: these works are available through Carolee Schneemann

Meat Joy. 16 mm, color/sound, 12 min. 1964.

First performed on May 29, 1964, Festival de La Libre Expression, Paris. Filmed by Pierre Dominick Gaisseau, edited by Bob Giorgio.

Up To And Including Her Limits. Video, 29 min. 1976.

Performed on June 10, 1976 at Studiogalerie, Berlin, Germany. Taped by Mike Steiner.

Water Light/Water Needle. Video, 29 min. 1976.

Performed on June 10, 1976 at Studiogalerie, Berlin; New York, Germany. Taped by Mike Steiner.

HOMERUNMUSE. Video, black and white, 60 min. 1977.

First performed in November 1997 at the Brooklyn Musem of Art, Brooklyn, New York. Taped by Ricky Slater.

Fresh Blood—A Dream Morphology. Video, 40 min. 1983ed.

First performed at University of Iowa Theater Festival, Iowa City, Iowa. Edited by Carolee Schneemann.

Catscan. Video, 1987.

First performed in 1987 at Medicine Show, New York, New York. Taped by Victoria Vesna.

Ask the Goddess. Video, 1991.

First performed in 1991 at the Canadian Centre of the Arts at Owen Sound.

Center for Creative Photography Lecture. Video, 1992.

Performed in October 1992 at the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Arizona.

Interior Scroll: The Cave. Video, 1994.

Performed summer 1994 at Widow Jane Cave, Rose-n-dale, New York. Produced by Maria Beatty, edited by Maria Beatty and Carolee Schneemann.

Imaging Her Erotics. Video, 1994.

Compilation of performance works. Produced by Maria Beatty, edited by Maria Beatty and Carolee Schneemann.

Vulva’s School. Video, 1995.

Performed January 29, 1995 at the Western Front, Vancouver, Canada.


  • Canyon Cinema

    2325 3rd Street Suite 338

    San Francisco, CA 94107

    tel: 415-626-2255

  • New York Filmmakers Cooperative

    175 Lexington Ave.

    New York, NY 10016

    tel: 212-889-3820

  • V-Tape

    183 Bathurst Street

    Toronto, Ontario Canada

    M5T2R 7

    tel: 416-351-1509

  • Video Pool

    #300-100 Arthur Street

    Winnepeg, Manitoba

    Canada R3B 1H3

    tel: 204-949-9134

Selected Publications by Carolee Schneemann

Note: The following is a partial list from the more complete listing in Dan Cameron, ed. Carolee Schneemann: Up To and Including Her Limits. New York: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, 1996.

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“...Cat Torture in the Liquid Gate.” International Experimental Film Congress (May–June 1989): 38, 46–47.

Cézanne, She was a Great Painter. New York: Trespass Press, 1974, 1976.

“Christmas Tree in Uteri.” Whitewalls: A Journal of Language and Art (Fall/Winter 1994): 90–91.

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“Death Has No Fat” and “Infinity Kisses.” In Hommage to Joseph Beuys, edited by Klaus Staeck. Kassel, 1986.

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Early and Recent Work. New York: Documentext, 1983.

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