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  • Project ATOL manifesto: In Search For a New ConditionAs appearing in Johannes Birringer, “The Utopia of Postutopia”
  • Marko Peljhan

The “end” of this century is the era of the erosion of utopias, constituted in its beginning. The revolutionary strategies have failed, new social organisms, orders, have not been successfully implemented or developed. Physical imperial powers have transformed themselves into intangible, invisible forces that control and dominate the social, spiritual and economic fields. The FRAGMENTATION of large dimensions is still going on. We, Europe, the World, are living the dawn of utopia which has been substituted with the experience of the white noise of communication. The insight into future is lost in the channels of the eternal present.

The decision to use art in the present state is not an efficient solution to the problem described above. Every human being as individual has less and less possibilities to become a “creator” or somebody who has influence on a “new social organism.” EGORHYTHMS I, II, III, IV, the one that will follow, and the rhythmical-scenic structure ATOL are an “evolutionary ec(g)o-system,” a small-scale closed environment which presupposes that in spite of the politically forced unimportance of the individual in the present social system (be it democratic or totalitarian), the only force that can overcome the present is the wisdom which is withdrawn in SILENCE. The thoughts, images and emotions of which we think are useless for the world as it is, because there is no one who could listen, think of them or watch them.

These glimpses of oppressed wisdom, whether they belong to a well situated individual in the West or to a physically endangered individual on the battlefields and concentration camps of the East, are the real power to produce NEW EVOLUTIONARY STRATEGIES. The ongoing political, social, economic and spiritual division that is spreading throughout Europe and farther is going to result in the complete isolation of the constituent parts of the planetary macro-systems. The closed environments [End Page 158] will have to develop new strategies of survival in order to reestablish the lost and disappearing channels of communication. Only freed and creative individuals can produce new objective conditions for a small leap into the future of human relationships. The shaping of history has yet to be defined by a NEW HUMAN BEING capable of walking on the edge of globally controlled communication, without losing its integrity, that is: the possibility of BECOMING, not just BEING.

Marko Peljhan
June 1993

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