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Buddhist-Christian Studies 20 (2000) 237

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News and Views

The 1999 Meeting of the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies

James Heisig
Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture

The 18th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies was held in Kyoto from 21 to 23 August 1999. Discussions centered around three papers delivered under the general theme of "Nature, Self, and Spirituality."

Watanabe Manabu addressed the strain of arbitrariness in Jung's idea of the Self, demonstrating how the meaning of the term changed according to context and to developmental stages of Jung's thinking, with religious dimension growing ever stronger. In a complementary paper, Jim Heisig suggested that prying Jung's notion of the Self open and liberating it from its monotheistic assumptions in the light of the experiences and worldview of present-day religious experience could serve not only to reawaken interest in analytical psychology but also to draw the Buddhist-Christian encounter closer to the spirituality of the age. Horio Tsutomu focused his paper on the notion of spirituality in the writings of D. T. Suzuki. As always, the papers, responses, and a selection of the discussions will be published in the pages of the Japanese journal Daijozen.

The general theme will carry over to the annual meeting for the year 2000 and the sessions planned for the coming Sixth International Conference of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies in Tacoma.