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  • Doctoral Projects in Progress in Theatre Arts, 1997
  • Philip G. Hill

This is the forty-fifth annual report of dissertations in progress in the theatre arts in the United States. The success of this report continues to depend upon prompt and accurate replies from the graduate departments of theatre, speech, English, and others, and their cooperation in this regard is gratefully acknowledged. Any graduate department that is not annually receiving requests for information for this report is invited to contact its compiler in order to be added to the mailing list.

Logistical limitations necessitate confining this survey to colleges and universities in the United States. For similar information from Canada, one may contact the editor of the ACTR/ARTC Newsletter, Denis Johnston, Department of Theatre and Film, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2. Each year that newsletter lists completed articles, books, and dissertations in the area of Canadian drama and theatre history.

The format employed here is adapted from that used by Frederick M. Litto in his American Dissertations of the Drama and the Theatre (1969). The graduate departments were asked to classify each dissertation by its subject matter according to the geographical divisions proposed by Litto; in the cases of England and the United States, they were further asked to assign each to an arbitrary time period as indicated below. Within each of these subdivisions, entries are alphabetically arranged according to the surname of the researcher. There is no room here for the lavish cross referencing and multiple listing Litto employs; consequently, those dissertation topics that would not yield to the geographical classifications used in Part I are listed by topic in Part II. Here again, the topic headings are those proposed by Litto; a fuller description of each may be found on page 3 of his work.

Each entry includes the following information: the researcher’s name; the title of the project; the institution; the academic department within that institution; the faculty supervisor; and the expected year of completion. Occasionally the year has not been supplied.

Part I


Boateng, Alex Ofosu. Satire in West African Drama: A Study of Satire from Traditional Performances to Modern Scripted Plays in English and French. Ohio State. Theatre. Alan Woods. 1997.

Edmondson, Laura. Women and Theatre in Tanzania: Theorizing Feminism, Post-Colonialism, and Performance. Texas (Austin). Theatre and Dance. Oscar Brockett.

Morgensen-Lindsay, Annissa. Intergenerational Relations in Select Plays by Athol Fugard. Bowling Green. Theatre. Allen S. White. 1997.

Munro, Allan. Decoding the Ambiguities and Deceptions in the Covert Texts of Committed [End Page 207] Theatre in South Africa. Ohio State. Theatre. Stratos Constantinidis. 1997.


Delmenico, Lesley. Dramas in Darwin: Postcolonial Performance in Austral-Asian Border Territory. Northwestern. Theatre and Drama. Dwight Conquergood. 1997.


Geng, Youzhuang. A Concept of Immediacy Seen in Lin Fengmian’s Painting and W. C. Williams’ Poetry. Ohio. Comparative Arts. Jessica Haigney. 1999.

Lei, Daphne Pi-Wei. Performing the Border: Gender and Intercultural Conflicts in Pre-Modern Chinese Drama. Tufts. Drama. William Sun. 1998.

Liu, Jue. A Comparative Study of Mixed-Modes of Expression through Selected Cubist Paintings and a Traditional Chinese Play, Injustice to Tou O. Ohio. Comparative Arts. Jessica Haigney. 1999.

Wang, Heyue. The Representation of Women and Gender Construction in Traditional Beijing Opera. Hawaii (Manoa). Theatre and Dance. E. Wichmann-Walczak. 1998.

Czechoslovakia (Former)

Beck, Dennis. The Czech Authorial Theatres, 1968–1989: Twenty Years of Rehearsing the Revolution. Texas (Austin). Theatre and Dance. Oscar Brockett and Miroslav Prochazka.



Pappano, Margaret A. The Priest’s Body: Literature and Popular Piety in the Late Middle Ages. Columbia. English and Comparative Literature. R. W. Hanning. 1997.


Barrett, Marguerite. Ben Jonson and Inigo Jones: Collaboration, Authorship, and the Auteur. Loyola (Chicago). English. Suzanne Gossett. 1998.

Bott, Robin Luana. The Makers of Manners: Politeness, Power, and the Instability of Social Relationships in Renaissance Drama. Colorado (Boulder). English. Margaret Ferguson. 1998.

Cole, Denise. The English Court Masque in Performance: The Creation and Subversion of an Aristocratic Community. Tufts. Drama. Barbara Freedman. 1997.

Detmer, Emily. Women Undone: Rape Relations in English Renaissance Drama. Miami (Ohio). English. Frances Dolan. 1997.

Gau, Tracey M. The Re-presentation of Historical Women in English Renaissance Drama...

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