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Technology and Culture 43 Supplement (2002) 1-4

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Current Bibliography in the History of Technology (1999)

The following compilation is the thirty-seventh annual bibliography of current publications in the history of technology. Previous bibliographies in this series have appeared in Technology and Culture since 1964. The reader is also referred to the fifth publication of the SHOT Monograph Series, Eugene S. Ferguson's Bibliography of the History of Technology (Cambridge, Mass.: SHOT and MIT Press, 1968).

This is the last Current Bibliography to appear in printed form. Henceforth this bibliography will be available chiefly in electronic form through the History of Science, Technology and Medicine database, which has been hosted since March 1992 on the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN). The HSTM file provides on-line access to citations from the Current Bibliography in the History of Technology since the 1987 volume. Many academic institutions and libraries subscribe to this database, and individual members of the Society for the History of Technology also have free access to it; for instructions, please consult the SHOT homepage hosted by the Johns Hopkins University Press on the World Wide Web <>. For others, information on personal or institutional RLIN accounts is available through the RLIN Information Center at 800-537-7546 (U.S. and Canada) or the homepage of the Research Libraries Group <>. The Current Bibliography of the History of Science, the Bibliografia Italiana di Storia della Scienza and the Wellcome Bibliography of the History of Medicine are also represented in the HSTM file. Users of the database can obtain from me a copy of the subject thesaurus for the Current Bibliography in the History of Technology. We intend to accommodate readers who prefer to browse the bibliography on paper with a printable version that can be downloaded via the Technology and Culture website; details will be forthcoming via the SHOT Newsletter.

I would like to thank the contributors to the bibliography: Guillaume de Syon, Michael Friedewald, Katalin Harkányi, and Ian Winship. Readers willing to scan a selected set of journals or keep track of publications in one of the subfields of the history of technology should contact me, as additional contributors are welcome and needed. I hope that a few members of the Society for the [End Page 1] History of Technology will step forward to increase the number of contributors. Improved coverage of Eastern European, Asian, and Latin American publications remains a desideratum, and help in these areas from correspondents would be welcome. Institutions or individuals aware of a journal or publication series that has been neglected in recent years are encouraged to help me track down these elusive publications and ensure their coverage in future bibliographies. I also thank those who have sent me individual publications, offprints, journal issues, or citations over the past year. This bibliography only can provide a comprehensive picture of published research in the history of technology if those who publish will take a bit of time to submit offprints or full citations to me at the History of Science and Technology Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, California 94305-6004. If you are the editor or publisher of books in the history of technology or a journal that is not being covered in the bibliography, please write to me to make sure that the bibliography includes your publication(s). I welcome bibliographic information sent via electronic mail ( or fax (650-725-1068).

I would like to thank a few people who have contributed behind the scenes. Kimuli Kasara, Carlo Magno Flores Moya, and Andrea Snavely assisted with bibliographic verification and data entry, as well as journal scanning; their work was supported by the Ellen Poyet Endowment, which funds an assistantship in the history of science and technology in the Stanford University Libraries. I am also grateful to Joe Schultz of Technology and Culture for his editorial work, guidance, and patience, and to Heidi Beck for copyediting the bibliography. Finally, I would like again to express my gratitude to the users of this...