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  • TDR Volume 46 Index

T173: vol. 46, no. 1 (Spring 2002)

T174: vol. 46, no. 2 (Summer 2002)

T175: vol. 46, no. 3 (Fall 2002)

T176: vol. 46, no. 4 (Winter 2002)

By Author

Afzal-Khan, Fawzia, "Where Are the Muslim Feminist Voices?: A Question Asked in September 2001" (Comment) 1:5-10
Alker, Gwendolyn, "Recording Women: A Documentation of Six Theatre Productions by Geraldine Cousin; Performing Women: Stand-Ups, Strumpets and Itinerants edited by Alison Oddey; Staging Femininities: Performance and Performativity by Geraldine Harris" (Book Review) 3:176-79
Amkpa, Awam, "World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre: Africa (Volume 3) edited by Don Rubin, Ousmane Diakhate, and Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh" (Book Review) 4:175-77
Barba, Eugenio, "A Chosen Diaspora in the Guts of the Monster" 4:147-53
Barba, Eugenio, "The Essence of Theatre" 3:12-30
Bial, Henry, "The Moscow State Yiddish Theatre: Jewish Culture on the Soviet Stage by Jeffrey Veidlinger" (Book Review) 2:172-74
Bose, Neilesh, "The Athenian Sun in an African Sky by Kevin J.Wetmore" (Book Review) 4:177-78
Brady, Sara, "The Stuff of Dreams: Behind the Scenes of an American Community Theatre by Leah Hager Cohen; Community Theatre: Global Perspectives by Eugene van Erven" (Book Review) 1:170-74
Burt, Ramsay, "The Passion of Music and Dance: Body, Gender and Sexuality edited by William Washabaugh; Antonia Merce 'La Argentina': Flamenco and the Spanish Avant Garde by Ninotchka Devorah Bennahum" (Book Review) 2:176-79
Burt, Ramsay, "Steve Paxton's Goldberg Variations and the Angel of History" 4:46-64
Calzadilla, Fernando, "Performing the Political: Encapuchados in Venezuela" 4:104-25
Chalmers, Jessica, "I Would Have Liked to Give a Paper at this Conference" (Comment) 4:5-7
Cheung, Floyd, "Performing Exclusion and Resistance: Anti-Chinese League and Chee Kung Tong Parades in Territorial Arizona" 1:39-59
Conquergood, Dwight, "Performance Studies: Interventions and Radical Research" 2:145-56
Copeland, Roger, "Merce Cunningham and the Aesthetic of Collage" 1:11-28
Davis, C.B., "Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of Ventriloquism by Stephen Connor" (Book Review) 2:174-76 [End Page 185]
Davis, Tracy C., "Between History and Event: Rehearsing Nuclear War Survival" 4:11-45
Diamond, Catherine, "Parallel Streams: Two Currents of Difference in Kuala Lampur's Contemporary Theatre" 2:7-46
Faber, Alyda, "Saint Orlan: Ritual As Violent Spectacle and Cultural Criticism" 1:85-92
Fleming, John, "Honduras's Teatro La Fragua: The Many Faces of Political Theatre" 2:47-65
Gilbert, Helen, and Jacqueline Lo, "Toward a Topography of CrossCultural Theatre Praxis" 3:31-53
Gómez-Peña, Guillermo, "Letters from the Road: A Selection of Performance Chronicles" 2:97-109
Gómez-Peña, Guillermo, and Lisa Wolford, "Navigating the Minefields of Utopia: A Conversation" 2:66-96
Hamera, Judith, "An Answerability of Memory: 'Saving' Khmer Classical Dance" 4:65-85
Herrington, Joan, "Breathing Common Air: The SITI Company Creates Cabin Pressure" 2:122-44
Jakovljevic, Branislav, "American Avant-Garde Theatre by Arnold Aronson" (Book Review) 1:177-80
Kershaw, Baz, "Ecoactivist Performance: The Environment As Partner in Protest?" 1:118-30
King, Jason, "Toni Braxton, Disney, and Thermodynamics" 3:54-81
Lane, Jill, "Reverend Billy: Preaching, Protest, and Postindustrial Flânerie" 1:60-84
Lepecki, André, "Geography by Ralph Lemon; My Body, the Buddhist by Deborah Hay" (Book Review) 3:165-69
Lewis, Barbara, "The Royalty of Negro Vaudeville: The Whitman Sisters and the Negotiation of Race, Gender, and Class in African American Theater, 1900-1940 by Nadine George-Graves; Performing Blackness: Enactments of African-American Modernism by Kimberly W. Benston; No Surrender! No Retreat! African American Pioneer Performers of Twentieth Century American Theater by Glenda E. Gill" (Book Review) 3:172-75
Lo, Jacqueline, and Helen Gilbert, "Toward a Topography of CrossCultural Theatre Praxis" 3:31-53
Mason, Susan, "The Golden Arches...


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