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John Buell is a political journalist living in Southwest Harbor, Maine. Heis a former associate editor of The Progressive and now writes reviews andeditorials for such publications as The American Humanist,Commonweal, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Bangor Daily News. He is co-author, with Tom DeLuca, of Sustainable Democracy: Individuality and the Politics of the Environment (Sage). He may be reached via e mail at

Ned Curthoys is completing a PhD in English at the University of Sydney. His dissertation examines the history of rhetoric up until its revival this century, with particular attention to the resumption of rhetorical ideas of methodology and discursive technique in the work ofthe early German 'Jena' Romantics, Walter Benjamin, and Paul de Man.

Alastair Davidson is the Inaugural Professor of Citizenship Studies at the Centre for Urban & Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology, in Australia. His publications in the area of citizenship include: The Invisible State: The Formation of the Australian State. 1788–1901 (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1991), From Subject to Citizen. Australian Citizenship in theTwentieth Century. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1997), and, with S.Castles, Citizenship in the Age of Migration: Globalization and the Politics of Belonging (forthcoming). E-mail:

Lisa Disch is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University ofMinnesota-Twin Cities, and Director of the Center for Advanced FeministStudies. She teaches in the areas of contemporary political thought, democratictheory, and feminist theory, and is currently finishing up a book on third parties. E-mail:

Thom Kuehls is Associate Professor of Political Science at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. He is the author of Beyond Sovereign Territory: The Space ofEcopolitics , as well as several articles on environment and sovereignty. He is currently working on the issue of democracy and multiculturalism in American political thought. Email:

Paul Patton is a member of the Theory & Event Co-ordinating Editors board. He teaches philosophy at the University of Sydney.

Sean Scalmer is a Macquarie University Research Fellow in the Department of Politics, Macquarie University, Sydney. Recent articles have appeared in theJournal of Political Ideologies and the Australian Journal of PoliticalScience. He is working on a history of collective action and the public sphere in twentieth century Australia. E-mail:

Dominique Schnapper is Professor of Sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. She is the author of Juifs et israélites,Gallimard, 1980; La France de l'intégration, sociologie de la nation en 1990,Gallimard, 1991; L'Europe des immigrés, essais sur les politiques d'immigration, F. Bourin, 1992. Her book, La communauté des citoyens: sur l'idée modern de nation, Gallimard, 1994, was awarded the National AssemblyPrize.


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