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  • Editorial
  • Thomas L. Dumm, Co-Editor

This issue marks two years of publication of Theory & Event. Time flies. It is even more remarkable how quickly the time passes if you realize, as do some of us involved in this enterprise from its beginnings, that it is over four years ago that the idea for this journal was first discussed in a series of on-line discussions.

Since its start, Theory & Event has been a highly improvisational activity for its editors. The upside is that we are just about always fresh and timely in our content. The downside should be apparent to all of you in the tardy posting of this issue. Sometimes it is a scramble to keep up with all the work involved, and we appreciate the continued patience and developing loyalty of our contributors and audience. As we keep going, we learn better how to run this thing, and even learn better some of our limitations. So our thanks to all.

If the above sounds like a preface to an announcement of changes on the editorial staff-head, it is because it is. Theory & Event is a co-edited journal, with staggered terms of service. When we began this thing, we were only able to persuade Anne Norton to take on the task of being a founding co-editor on the condition that she be allowed to step down first as well. Anne's time is up with this issue. She has been of great service to all of us and has all of our thanks. Anne now joins the Coordinating Board of Editors.

Anne's successor is William Chaloupka of the University of Montana. Bill is the author of Knowing Nukes (Minnesota, 1992), co-editor with William Stearns of Jean Baudrillard: The Disappearance of Art and Politics (St. Martin's, 1992), co-editor with Jane Bennett of In the Nature of Things (Minnesota, 1995), author of Everybody Knows (Minnesota, 1999, forthcoming), a study of cynicism, and a whole bunch of articles and essays, including at least one contribution to an earlier issue of Theory & Event, “Praising Minnesota,” (1.2). We are delighted he has chosen to accept the job.

We are also welcoming another new member to the board of coordinating editors, Moira Gatens of the University of Sydney in Australia. Moira is the author of, among other works, Feminism and Philosophy: Perspectives on Difference (Indiana, 1992) and Imaginary Bodies: Ethics, Power, and Corporeality (1996).

These marks of transition are one of the last signs of the beginning phase of a journal. While the life we enjoy at Theory and Event is virtual, we also note that since our first appearance a couple of years ago a lot more people seem interested in virtuality, if not virtue. We are heartened by that fact.


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