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David Campbell is Professor of International Politics at the University of Newcastle in England. His latest book is National Deconstruction: Violence, Identity and Justice in Bosnia (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, forthcoming 1998).

James Der Derian is currently a visiting scholar at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. He is the editor of The Paul Virilio Reader (Blackwell Publisher), which will be out this June.

J. Peter Euben teaches at UC, Santa Cruz. His most recent book is Corrupting Youth (Princeton, 1997). He is the book review editor for the journal Political Theory.

Jenia Iontcheva is a student of International Relations at Goucher College, currently spending a year as an Affiliated Student at Cambridge University. Coming from the perspective of a Bulgarian studying in the US, she is very interested in the power arrangements shaping intercultural communication as well as the discourse of multiculturalism. This is her first publication.

Alan Keenan teaches on the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies at Harvard University.

Patrick Lee is a financial planner in Annapolis, Maryland.

John Seery is Associate Professor of Politics at Pomona College. He is the author of Political Returns: Irony in Politics and Theory (Westview, 1990) and most recently, Political Theory for Mortals: Shades of Justice, Images of Death (Cornell, 1996).

Thomas F. Tierney is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Concord College in Athens, West Virginia. He is the author of The Value of Convenience: A Genealogy of Technical Culture (State University of New York Press, 1993), and is currently completing a study of the relationship between death and medicine in early modernity.


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