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Asian Theatre Journal 19.2 (2002) 392

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Theatrical Costume, Masks, Make-up and Wigs: A Bibliography and Iconography. By Sidney Jowers and John Cavanagh. London: Routledge, 2000. 542 pp. $180

Theatrical Costume, Masks, Make-up and Wigs provides a source for both the practicing designer and the academic researcher. It is the first of the Motley Bibliographies to be devoted to a specific theatrical art. Covering theatrical history from ancient times through July 1996, this bibliography and iconography of performance costume is international in scope. Much of it includes valuable materials relevant to Asian theatre. Sources include traditional volumes as well as exhibition catalogs, theses, manuals, and performers' memoirs. Sections cover costume for theatre, opera, ballet, masquerade, and carnival. There are,however, no listings under history of fashion or dress. Fashion history is covered only under sources devoted to theatrical costume.

Section A, "Designers," lists theatre artists who designed or built costumes between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries. When an artist is known for other work, only the costume-related publications are included. Section B, "Performing Arts," is subdivided into sections designated as international or by country or region. Other sections cover the special areas of "Ballet and Dance in the Western World," "Opera, Operetta, and Music Theater in the Western World," "Commedia dell'arte," and "Masquerade, Carnival, and Fancy Dress." Section G, "Instruction," covers how-to books and manuals. Section H, "References," includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, and other bibliographies. Catalogs of museums and libraries with costume holdings and a selection of retail sources are referenced.

Theatrical Costume, Masks, Make-up and Wigs stands as an excellent bibliographic source for researching stage costume, costume construction techniques, and the work of specific costume designers.

Rebecca Cunningham
Brooklyn College, CUNY