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  • To The Editors of Theory & Event
  • J. Peter Euben (bio)

To The Editors of Theory & Event:

I owe Professor Sobchack a public apology and the readers of Theory & Event an explanation. When the editors suggested I write something about Paige Baty [Editors Note: See “ Remembering Paige Baty, I”, in 1.4] I asked Professor Sobchack to do it with me since I had not read two of Paige’s books which she was seeing to publication. When I said I would simply be incorporating much of what she said I thought that she agreed, and when I invited her to be co-author with me she replied, for reasons that had nothing to do with any animus between us, that “I want nothing to do with it,” meaning the overall obituary. Unfortunately, I took that to mean she did not want to be associated with it in any way. It was an honest mistake—why else would one do such a thing, especially in a brief obituary—but it was a mistake and I apologize to her for it.

J. Peter Euben
Professor of Politics

J. Peter Euben

J. Peter Euben teaches at UC, Santa Cruz. His most recent book is Corrupting Youth (Princeton, 1997). He is the book review editor for the journal Political Theory.


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