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Thanks to its contributors, outside referees, and readers, in its first year of publication Theory&Event has been able to establish itself as an on-line journal. Through Project Muse we reach a large and growing international audience. (In the last quarter of 1997, about 18,000 of you looked us over, and we hope to expand our readership as our archive grows, and as more of you come to rely on us as a source of what is most interesting, controverted, and current in the world of political theory.) By dint of the fact that we are an electronic journal, we have been able to produce essays that rely upon the reproduction of images, and soon will be supplementing the use of still images with moving images and sound. Our symposia are a feature that is distinctive to our journal, and we hope to build upon the successes of this past year with discussions of the question of civilizational conflict, the question of conservativism on the left, the meaning of home for those living in disaporias, and universalism and citizenship. We plan to do more to address such recent political phenomena as reconciliation and the process of democratization, globalism, and new modes of war.

Of course, we are learning as we are going. We appreciate the patience of our readers and contributors as we continue to learn how to work this thing. And we especially thank our coordinating editors, who have provided us with both contributions of their own and solicited contributions from others, and provided us with sage advice through our email server. Speaking of which, we wish to note a change in our masthead. Willliam E. Connolly, a member of the coordinating board, has agreed to be our advising editor. We insisted that Bill assume this post, simply to acknowledge the continuing and sage advice he has provided the journal since its inception. His elevation and the needs of the journal have made us seek several new members for the coordinating board, which we are currently in the process of filling.

Any journal depends upon its readers to shape its concerns and to keep it honest. Every article and every review at Theory&Event has a link to our mail. Succumb to the temptation. Drop us a line. Tell us how we are doing.


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