"Current Methods and Methodology in Ladino Teaching" presents an historical overview of Ladino research in Israel from the early 1960s until the present day, which forms a backdrop for recent developments in the pedagogy of Ladino. Although the researchers of the sixties were primarily interested in the preservation of archaic Spanish forms in the Ladino ballads, recent years have witnessed the establishment of Ladino as a field of university investigation in its own right. As a result of an increased interest in Sefardic Studies as a separate discipline, committed scholars have successfully convinced Israeli universities that Ladino should be transmitted to a young generation of students as a research tool. Accordingly, most of the Ladino language learning materials are prepared for university students for the purpose of scientific investigation. Proficiency in Ladino using the Rashi script is preferable to Latin letters as it gives the student access to several centuries of Ladino literary documents. Adequate Hebrew/Ladino and Ladino/Hebrew dictionaries have yet to be developed.

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