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  • A Continuing Checklist of Shaviana
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Works by Shaw

Shaw, Bernard. “‘The Dark Lady’: G.B.S. Replies to Mr. Frank Harris.” SHAW: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies. Volume Nineteen. University Park: Penn State University Press, 1999; pp. 79–84.

———. Extract from “Against the Well-Made Play,” from his Preface to Three Plays by Brieux (London: A. C. Fifield, 1911), pp. xv–xxvii. Modern Theories of Drama: A Selection of Writings on Drama and Theatre 1850–1990. Ed. George W. Brandt. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998; pp. 99–105. This sectional title does not appear in the Complete Prefaces or in Bernard Dukore’s edition of The Drama Observed. In the later printings the well-made play is discussed in sections of the preface captioned “The Pedantry of Paris” and “How the Great Dramatists Torture the Public.” At least 42 figures are represented in this pantheon of contributors to modern drama and theatre.

———. Extracts and selections from Music in London, “Blaming the Bard,” “Epistle Dedicatory” to Man and Superman, Preface to Major Barbara, a letter to G. K. Chesterton, The Intelligent Womans’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, Preface to Geneva, and Sixteen Self Sketches. The New Oxford Book of English Prose. Ed. John Gross. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Not seen.

———. “George Bernard Shaw.” A check of March 24, 1885, endorsed [End Page 265] “G.B.Shaw” on the verso and signed by Annie Besant. She paid “G.B. Shaw Esq . . . Two pounds 15 S[hillings] for the Free Thought Publishing Co.” Scott J. Winslow Associates, Inc. auction catalogue (3 December 1999), lot 2451: $450-up. A mostly readable photo illustration is provided.

———. “George Bernard Shaw.” A typed three-page memorandum of Agreement of 28 February 1931, signed “G. Bernard Shaw,” involving the publishing firm Fountain Press of New York, Elbridge Adams; with Shaw and Constable and Co., London, authorizing the publication of letters between Shaw and Ellen Terry. (Adams owned the rights to Terry’s letters.) Comes with two other documents, signed by Terry’s daughter, Edith Craig. Remember When Auctions, Catalogue 46 (10 July 1999), item 433, $750–1,000. A readable photo of part of the first page is provided.

———. “George Bernard Shaw.” Odd and amusing “A.N.S.” of 25 November 1949; no addressee given. Presents a printed comment by Shaw and a one-sentence note in Shaw’s writing: “If you neither believe what I say, nor will do what I tell you, will you please stop bothering me about yourself”; signed “G.B.S.” Alexander Autographs, Inc., telephone, mail, and fax bid auction catalogue (20/23 April 1999), item 1846, $200–300. A readable photo of the item is provided.

———. “George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950).” Typed letter of 5 June 1908 signed by Shaw to Dr Ch [sic] Barbaud in France, regarding violating a Shaw copyright: “You should not translate a copyright literary work without being authorized to do so by the proprietor. . . . The existence of your version is a violation of the right of my authorized translators . . . you really might as well write to me to say that you had stolen M Hamon’s [Shaw’s authorized French translator] watch, Mme Hamon’s parasol, and my hat . . . no doubt you acted in good faith . . . but M Hamon may not take that view of it . . . his powers in the matter are equal to my own. . . .” Remember When Auctions, Mail and Phone Auction Catalogue #45 (March 1999), lot 3569, $500–750. A readable photo of the letter is provided.

———. “George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950).” An autograph letter of 15 September 1918, signed “G. Bernard Shaw,” to Hugo Vallentin on “Great Southern Hotel” letterhead: “Behold me settled here until the end of the month. No news whatever. Receipt annexed. Methuselah play unfinished and in incoherent fragments at Ayot St. Lawrence. Love to your ladies. ever.” Scott J. Winslow Associates, Inc. auction catalogue (3 December 1999), item 2452: $800-up. A readable photo of the letter is provided.

———. “George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950).” A printed form 8;dp x 101/4;dp signed “G. Bernard Shaw” and filled in Shaw’s hand licensing the Astrigg [End Page 266] Shakespearean Players...

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