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  • Supplement to Bernard Shaw: A Bibliography
  • Dan H. Laurence

[Supplement to Bernard Shaw: A Bibliography]

Selective Index to the Supplement

Titles of books and articles are works of Bernard Shaw unless otherwise identified. The Supplement is indexed by the bibliographical entry letters and numbers, although occasionally, for clarity’s sake, entries for Part II (“Revisions and Corrections”) of a section are indexed by pagination, identified by insertion in square brackets.

Abbey Theatre (Dublin), A324

“‘Abolish the Dole”’, C2921a

‘A.D. 3000. The True Report of a County Council Candidate’s Dream’, B454, C526a

Against Corporal Punishment, [75]

Agitations, A316

‘Anonymity’, C689a

“‘Apostasy” Denied’, B454

Appadura [Appa;amtturai], K., K124a

Arms and the Man (B.B.C.), GG16; (Shaw Festival/C.B.C.), GG24

Art Criticism, A321

Barker, Harley Granville, see Granville Barker

Barzun, Jacques, A330

Bashville (musical), GGG14

B.B.C. : broadcast of Back to Methuselah, C3690a; telecast of ‘How He Lied to Her Husband’, C3199b; GG16, 27

Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas, A312

Bernard Shaw and Gabriel Pascal, A331

Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells, A328

‘Bernard Shaw Chooses a Birthplace’, C3149a

Bernard Shaw on Cinema, A335

Bernard Shaw on Photography, A320

Bernard Shaw on the London Art Scene, A321

Bernard Shaw’s Book Reviews, vol. 2: 1884–1950, A332

Bernard Shaw’s Letters to Siegfried Trebitsch, A318; B474

Bertolini, John A., B467

‘Best Books for Children, The’, B461

Birthplace (Shaw, Dublin), C3149a, 3976

Book Reviews in the Pall Mall Gazette, A322

Bradlaugh, Charles, B13a

Brandes, Georg, C1919a

Brigands, Les (Offenbach-Gilbert), C630a

Candida (Shaw Festival/C.B.C.), GG20; Court Theatre Co.), GG25

Caesar and Cleopatra, C1598a

Chaplin, Charles, C3766a

Charles, Frederick, [73]

Chesterton, G. K., A316

Christianity, C2941a

Christmas, C2310a, 2884a

Cinema, A331, 335; C2278a, 2636a, 3236a, 3625a, 3766a

‘Civilization and the Soldier’, B461

Collected Letters: 1874–1897(2nd ed., 1985), [58]; 1911–1925, A314; 1926–1950, A319

Collected Works 1875–1900 (Microprint Edition), A281A

Common Sense about the War, A327

Commonsense about ‘Daily Worker’?, [57]

Complete Prefaces: 1889–1913, A325; 1914–1929, A327; 1930–1950, A334

Crawford, Fred D., B461, 463, 465, 470–2, 474

‘Crossing Switzerland’, B452

‘Dark Lady of the Sonnets, The’, B473

Dear Mr. Shaw (Elliot), B455

Death, C3504a

Defence of the Realm (DORA): Regulations, C2053a

De Valera, Éamon, C3439a

Devil’s Disciple, The (Shakespeare Theatre Co.), GG29

Diaries, The: 1885–1897, A317

Dickens, Charles, A315

Diet, C3672a

Douglas, Lord Alfred, A312

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, A316

Drama Observed, The, A326

Dublin Transport Workers’ Strike, C1914a

Dukore, Bernard F., A326, 331, 333, 335

Education, C2380a, 2594a

Einstein, Albert, C2960a; testimonial dinner, B470; G7b

Elgar, Sir Edward, C2501a, 2799a

Elliot, Vivian, B455

‘English Socialist Societies’, C214a

Ethics: Organ of the Ethical Movement, C1423a

Evans, T. F. B464

Farfetched Fables, [61]

Fox Movietone Newsreel, G7a

‘From the Housetops’ (verse), B461; C633a

Garden Cities, C2328a

G.B.S. Calendar, The, [53]

Gibbs, A. M., B462

Gilbert, W. S., C630a

Gluck, Christoph W., C3238a

Granville Barker, Harley, B372a

Grene, Nicholas, A324

Gregory, Augusta, Lady, A324; B456

‘Halves’ (verse) B13a, 461

Harris, Frank, A313; B473; E2b

Heartbreak House (Rough Proof), [60]; revised curtain speech (1943), C3470a

Helden Helden (German musical adaptation of Arms and the Man), GGG13

Henderson, Archibald, [73–74]

Her First Roman (musical version of Caesar and Cleopatra), GGG15

Holroyd, Michael, A320; K324

Hornet, The, C66a

‘How to Earn £400 a Night’, C447a

‘Immorality of Virtue, The’, C1423a

Income Tax, C2293a

Ireland (Special Interview by Shaw), C3439a

‘Ireland and the Tory Government’, [90]

Irish Academy of Letters, A209A

Irish Convention, The, B110a

Irish Players (Dublin), C1801a

Irish Republican Army, A238A

Is Free Trade Alive or Dead?, A72A

Japan, C3977

Kerr, Alfred, B167a

Larson, Gale K., B473

Lassalle, Ferdinand, C493a

Laurence, Dan H., A281a, 314–316, 319, 324, 327, 329–30, 334; B465, 470, 474

Lawrence, T. E., B459

Leary, Daniel J., A325, 327, 334; B447

Leipnik, F. L., B474

Letters from Margaret [Wheeler], A323

‘Literature in Ireland’, C2184a

Love among the Artists (audio cassette, narrated by Flo Gibson), GGG8c

Lynch, Arthur, C2960a

McNulty, (Matthew) Edward, B465

McLachlan, Dame Laurentia, B451

Man and Superman (B.B.C.), GG27: (play scenario), A330

Marionettes, C3156c

‘Marriage of Whites and Blacks’, B464

Massingham, H. W., C1578a

‘Memoirs of G...

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