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SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 42.4 (2002) 907-909

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Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 Volume 42, 2002


Benedict, Barbara M., "Recent Studies in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century" 619

Bernthal, Craig A., "Jack Cade's Legal Carnival" 259

Chapman, Alison A., "The Politics of Time in Edmund Spenser's English Calendar" 1

Cohen, Derek, "History and the Nation in Richard II and Henry IV" 293

Coovadia, Imraan, "George Eliot's Realism and Adam Smith" 819

Coren, Pamela, "Edmund Spenser, Mary Sidney, and the Doleful Lay" 25

Elfenbein, Andrew, "Recent Studies in the Nineteenth Century" 837

Farnsworth, Jane, "Defending the King in Cartwright's The Lady-Errant (1636-37)" 381

Fienberg, Nona, "Mary Wroth's Poetics of the Self" 121

Freeland, Natalka, "The Politics of Dirt in Mary Barton and Ruth" 799

Fuchs, Barbara, "Spanish Lessons: Spenser and the Irish Moriscos" 43

Gadeken, Sara, "Sarah Fielding and the Salic Law of Wit" 541

Garganigo, Alex, "Coriolanus, the Union Controversy, and Access to the Royal Person" 335

Glover, Brian, "Nobility, Visibility, and Publicity in Colley Cibber's Apology" 523

Grossberg, Benjamin Scott, "Politics and Shifting Desire in Sidney's New Arcadia" 63

Hadley, Karen, "The Commodification of Time in Wordsworth's 'Tintern Abbey'" 693

Hudson, Nicholas, "Samuel Johnson, Urban Culture, and the Geography of Postfire London" 577

Kitzes, Adam H., "Hydriotaphia, 'The Sensible Rhetorick of the Dead'" 137

Lau, Beth, "Wordsworth and Current Memory Research" 675

Linkin, Harriet Kramer, "Skirting around the Sex in Mary Tighe's Psyche" 731

Lynch, Jack, "Samuel Johnson's 'Love of Truth' and Literary Fraud" 601

Marsden, Jean I., "Sex, Politics, and She-Tragedy: Reconfiguring Lady Jane Grey" 501

Monette, Sarah, "Speaking and Silent Women in Upon Appleton House" 155

Olive, Barbara, "A Puritan Subject's Panegyrics to Queen Anne" 475

Perry, Curtis, "Commodity and Commonwealth in Gammer Gurton's Needle" 217

Robinson, Benedict Scott, "Thomas Heywood and the Cultural Politics of Play Collections" 361

Sandy, Amelia Zurcher, "Pastoral, Temperance, and the Unitary Self in Wroth's Urania" 103

Saville, Julia F., "Eccentricity as Englishness in David Copperfield" 781

Schneider, Gary, "The Public, the Private, and the Shaming of the Shrew" 235

Scott, William O., "Landholding, Leasing, and Inheritance in Richard II" 275

Semenza, Gregory M. Colón, "Samson Agonistes and the Politics of Restoration Sport" 459

Shohet, Lauren, "Shakespeare's Eager Adonis" 85

Steinsaltz, David, "The Politics of French Language in Shakespeare's History Plays" 317

Stuart, Shea, "Subversive Didacticism in Eliza Haywood's Betsy Thoughtless" 559

Taylor, Anya, "Coleridge's 'Christabel' and the Phantom Soul" 707

Turner, James Grantham, "Recent Studies in the English Renaissance" 173

Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer A., "Performing History, Performing Humanity in Mary Shelley's The Last Man" 753

Worthen, W. B., "Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama" 399




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