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Acacia koa, effects of alien tree plantations on, 88-90

algae, marine, distribution and reproductive characteristics of nonindigenous, in Hawai'i, 299-315

algal biodiversity in Hawaiian streams, 431-440

anole, brown—see Anolis sagrei

Anolis sagrei, reproduction in Hawai'i, 163-168

Anomura, 41-48

Anthozoa, 113-124

ants, of Tonga, 125-135

Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. macrocephalum, mycorrhizal status, 423-430

arrow worms—see Fasciflagitta enflatta

arthropods, Hawaiian, bottom-up influences, 89

ascidians, nonindigenous, in tropical waters, 291-298

Aseraggodes holcomi, n. sp. from Hawai'i, 247-253

Asteraceae, 423-430

bacteria, ammonia oxidation, 90-91

barnacle, interaction with native animals in Hawai'i, 235-236

birds, Northern Melanesian, dispersal, mimicry, and geographic variation, 1-22

Bobkabata kabatabobbus, new host and ocean records, 259-262

Carabidae, 365-375

Carcharhinus plumbeus, electroreception in, 87-88

Catapaguroides hooveri, n. sp., 41-48

Catapaguroides setosus, reinstatement and rediagnosis, 41-48

Cnidaria, 113-124

Coleoptera, 365-375

copepod, parasitic—see Bobkabata kabatabobbus

coral, recruitment patterns on Maui, 85

coral reef ecosystem, anthropogenic biotic interchange in Guam, 403-422

coral reefs, nonindigenous species introductions on, 191-209

Corallimorpharia, 113-124

Corallimorphus denhartogi and C. pilatus, n. spp., 113-124

Creediidae, 92

Crustacea, 317-328

Crystallodytes cookei, spawning dynamics, 92

cyanobacteria, search for antitumor drugs from, 94

Decapoda, 41-48

dermatitis, outbreak at University of Hawai'i, 83-84

dolphin, bottlenose—see Tursiops truncatus

Hawaiian spinner—see Stenella longirostris

rough-toothed—see Steno bredanensis

Dubautia menziesii, mycorrhizal status, 423-430

ecology, larval, nearshore currents and, 99-100

eels, snake, Hawaiian, 23-24

Euprymna scolopes, Hox gene expression, 92-93

symbiont-induced changes in light organ, 90

two genetically distinct populations on O'ahu, 347-355

Eviota abax, reproductive ecology, 35-40

Fabaceae, 91-92

Fasciflagitta enflatta, phylogenetic study, 95

finch, Laysan—see Telespyza cantans

fishes, reef, role of food in community structure, 93-94

forest species, effects on rainfall interception, 97

Galápagos Spreading Center, geochemistry, 86

Gelidiales, 285-290

Gerridae, 441-445

Gigartinales, from Hawai'i, 149-162

Girella leonina, first record from Midway Atoll, 137-141

grasses, impacts of mycorrhizae and fire, 100

Haleākala Silversword—see Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. macrocephalum

Halobates sobrinus, mass oviposition and egg development, 441-445

Hapalochlaena lunulata, inking, 255-257

Heteroptera, 441-445

Iniistius, review of Hawaiian, 389-402

Isla Masatierra—see Robinson Crusoe Island

Juan Fernández Archipelago—see Robinson Crusoe Island

Ka'ena Highstand, O'ahu, evidence of Antarctic ice collapse, 65-81

Kallymenia species, from Hawai'i, 149-162

Kallymeniaceae, from Hawai'i, 149-162

Kawasaki syndrome, pathogenic mechanisms, 85-86

koa—see Acacia koa

Labridae, 389-402

lagoon sediments, in Viti Levu, Fiji, 169-189

Lernaeosoleidae, 259-262

Limnichthys donaldsoni, spawning dynamics, 92

mahimahi—see Coryphaena hippurus

marine bioinvasions, in Hawai'i, 211-212 in tropical Australia, 213-222

marine pest invasions, in tropical marine communities, 223-233

marine reserves, size of, 96

Mollusca, 49-56

mollusks, molecular systematics, 96-97

Musculista senhousia, predators of, 49-56

mussel—see Musculista senhousia

Myripristis murdjan, first record from Midway Atoll, 137-141

Mytilidae, 49-56

nibbler—see Girella leonina

ocean-skater—see Halobates sobrinus

octopus, blue-ringed—see Hapalochlaena lunulata [End Page 491]

Ophichthidae, 23-34

Ophichtus bonaparti, 23-34

Oreochromis mossambicus, effects of blood withdrawal, 93

hypothalamic regulation of growth hormone cell function, 97-98

osmoreception, 98-99

prolactin and growth hormone studies, 87

Paguridae, 41-48

Paguridea, 41-48

Perciformes, 389-402

Pilumnidae, 317-328

Pilumnus vespertilio, timing and synchronization of breeding period in Okinawa, 317-328

Pisces, 23-34

Pleuronectiformes, 247-253

Poecilostomatoida, 259-262

polychaetes, biomonitoring program of an ocean outfall in Hawai'i, 459-479

Potamocarbula amurensis, influence of hydrologic processes on, in northern San Francisco Bay, 329-345

Pterocladiella capillacea, reproductive phenology, 285-290

razorfishes—see Labridae

recruitment, plant, seed predator biology, 94-95

Rhodophyta, 285-290

from Hawai'i, 149-162

Robinson Crusoe Island, vegetation, 263-284

root rot disease, brown, in American Samoa, 377-387

sanddivers—see Limnichthys donaldsoni and Crystallodytes cookei

Scorpaenopsis fowleri, redescription and reallocation to Sebastapistes, 57-64

scorpionfish—see Scorpaenopsis fowleri, 57-64

sea level change, O'ahu, 88

shark, sandbar—see Carcharhinus plumbeus

Shearwater, Wedge-tailed, effects of predation on O...


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