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Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology 8.2/3 (2001) vii

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I wish to thank the editors of PPP, Bill Fulford and John Sadler, for encouraging me to put together this special issue. Together with them, I would also like to thank Dr. Greg Block and the Novartis Foundation in London, and Professor Colin Blakemore and the McDonnell Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience in Oxford, for their generous support for the series of research seminars from which most of the papers in this special issue originate. The seminars, we believe, were unique in bringing together on an equal basis psychiatrists, neuroscientists, philosophers, and people with personal experience of schizophrenia. The originality and interest of these papers is a direct reflection of the substantive contributions of each of these groups to the research process. We are grateful also to the organizers and hosts of the seminars: the AHRB Project on Consciousness and Self Consciousness, and the Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health Programme at the Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick; the Department of Experimental Psychology and New College, Oxford; and the Institute of Psychiatry, London.





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