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Perspectives on Science 6.4 (1998) 431-432

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David Jacobson is associate professor of anthropology at Brandeis University. His current fieldwork is on social relations in cyberspace, in particular the ways in which people behave in textbased environments. He is the author of Reading Ethnography (1991) and the coauthor, with Charles Ziegler, of "Popular Delusions and Scientific Models" in Laura Nader, ed., Naked Science: Anthropological Inquiry into Boundaries, Power, and Knowledge (1996).

Jeffry L. Ramsey is assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy, Oregon State University. His research revolves around the consequences of computational and analytical complexity for philosophical accounts of explanation, reduction, and theory construction and testing. His articles have appeared in Philosophy of Science and Synthese.

David B. Resnik is associate professor of medical humanities in the School of Medicine at East Carolina University. He has published over forty articles on various topics in the philosophy of science and ethics and is the author of The Ethics of Science: an Introduction (1998), and a coauthor (with Pamela Langer and Holly Steinkraus) of Human Germline Gene Therapy: Scientific, Moral, and Political Issues (1999). His research interests include ethical issues in science and human genetics, biomedical ethics, and the philosophy of biology and medicine.

David Wÿss Rudge has recently been appointed to a position as science educator in the Department of Science Studies at Western Michigan University. His philosophical interests center around how experiments and other forms of inquiry provide insight into evolutionary phenomena. He is currently writing a book on H. B. D. Kettlewells famous experiments on industrial melanism, with special attention to how the episode has been portrayed in science textbooks. He is coeditor, with Elmer D. Klemke and Robert Hollinger, of Introductory Readings in the Philosophy of Science, 3rd ed. (1998).

Charles A. Ziegler is senior research associate, Department of Anthropology, Brandeis University. His current research focuses on the history of nuclear intelligence activities and on contemporary popular beliefs about UFOs. His publications include Spying Without Spies (with David Jacobson, 1995) and UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth (with B. Saler and C. Moore, 1997).


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