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Technotopias: Texts, Identities, and Technological Cultures

An Interdisciplinary Conference organized by the Department of English Studies, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom
10 to 12 July 2002

Guest Speakers: Wendy Chun, Harry Collins, Judith Halberstam, Colin MacCabe, Bryan Turner.

The University of Strathclyde is a world leader in science and engineering; yet, like many similar institutions, it maintains a strong commitment to the humanities. In societies that seem to place increasing emphasis on the application of technology and scientific knowledge, this kind of commitment is sometimes seen as irrelevant. For humanities departments, this situation raises new questions of identity within both university faculties and cultural discourse itself. In light of this situation, Technotopias aims to investigate the complex historical and contemporary interplay between the humanities and technology. Firstly, Technotopias aims to reflect upon the place of the arts within modern academia; secondly, to investigate the complex historical and contemporary interplay between the humanities and technology; and finally, to address the impact of these relationships upon the formation of physical and cultural identities.

To realize the interdisciplinary nature of this conference we invite papers from all fields of literary and cultural criticism, as well as the scientific and technological disciplines, at both post-doctoral and post-graduate levels.

Suggested topics include:

  • Literatures of technology: historical contexts

  • Frontiers of the imagination: science and fiction

  • (Post) modern texts/(post) industrial spaces

  • Technologos: technology and the word

  • The science of Angellica: gender and technology

  • Culture, technology, and the body

  • Technologies and the self

  • New media, old academe

  • Paradigms of utility in academia

Abstracts of 200 words for a 20–30 minute paper are due by 31 December 2001 to:

Technotopias Organising Committee
Department of English Studies
University of Strathclyde
Livingstone Tower
26 Richmond Street
G1 1XH

E-mail enquiries: Website:

Submission deadline: 31 December 2001


Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness

3rd Global Conference
15 to 20 March 2002
Prague, Czech Republic

This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference seeks to examine and explore issues surrounding evil and human wickedness. Perspectives are sought from those engaged in the fields of anthropology, criminology, cultural studies, legal studies, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and theology. Perspectives are also sought from those working in the caring professions, the media, prison services, politics, psychiatry, and other work-related and vocational areas.

Papers, reports, works-in-progress, and workshops are invited on issues related to any of the following themes:

The nature and sources of evil and human wickedness Moral intuitions about dreadful crimes Psychopathic behavior—mad or bad? Choice, responsibility, and diminished responsibility Social and cultural reactions to evil and human wickedness The portrayal of evil and human wickedness in the media and popular culture Suffering in literature and film Individual acts of evil, group violence, holocaust and genocide; obligations of bystanders Terrorism, war, ethnic cleansing The search for meaning and sense in evil and human wickedness The nature and tasks of theodicy Religious understandings of evil and human wickedness Postmodern approaches to evil and human wickedness Ecocriticism, evil, and suffering Evil and the use/abuse of technology; evil in cyberspace.

Papers will be considered on any related theme. 300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday, 4 January 2002. Full draft papers should be submitted by Friday, 15 February 2002. The conference is part of a larger series of ongoing conferences run under the general banner "At the Interface." It aims to bring together people from different areas and interests to share ideas and explore various innovative and exciting discussions.

E-mail enquiries:
Dr. Rob Fisher

Organized by and Learning Solutions


Modern Language Association Publication Prizes 2002

Annual Prizes with Competitions in 2002:

James Russell Lowell Prize

Deadline: 1 March 2002
Definition: For an outstanding literary or linguistic study, a critical edition of an important work, or a critical biography. Open to studies dealing with literary theory, media, cultural history, or interdisciplinary topics.
Eligibility: Books published in 2001; authors must be current members of the MLA.
Copies Required: Six.

MLA Prize for...

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