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Thomas Pynchon: Schizophrenia and Social Control

Now Available!


John M. Krafft
Miami University-Hamilton
1601 Peck Boulevard
Hamilton, OH 45011-3399

Bernard Duyfhuizen
English Department
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004

Khachig Tololyan
English Department
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06457-6061

Pynchon Notes is published twice a year, in spring and fall. ISSN 0278-1891.

Submissions: The editors particularly welcome manuscripts submitted in electronic form (IBM-compatible preferred), but also accept hard copy. Convenient file formats include DCA, WordStar, Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. Manuscripts, notes and queries, and bibliographic information should be addressed to John M. Krafft.

Subscriptions: North America, $5.50 per single issue or $10.00 per year (or double number); Overseas, $7.50 per single issue or $14.00 per year, mailed air/printed matter. Make checks payable to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Subscriptions and back-issue requests should be addressed to Bernard Duyfhuizen. _Pynchon Notes_ is supported in part by the English Departments of Miami University-Hamilton and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Copyright (c) 1996 John M. Krafft, Bernard Duyfhuizen and Khachig Tololyan

Contents of PN 34-35

Thomas Pynchon: Schizophrenia and Social Control
[Eric Cassidy and Dan O’Hara] 7

Pynchon’s Prophecies of Cyberspace
Brian Stonehill 11

An American Book of the Dead: Media and the Unconscious in Vineland
John Johnston 20

Strangely Attractive: The Topology of Psychic and Social Space in Vineland
Hanjo Berressem 38

On the Line of Flight: Pynchon’s Entropy Machine
Dan O’Hara 56

Hyper-Embedded Narration in Gravity’s Rainbow
Steven Weisenburger 70

Critiquing the Cartel: Anti-Capitalism, Walter Rathenau and Gravity’s Rainbow
Bernard Duyfhuizen 88

Cyberotics: Markets, Materialism and Method in Pynchon and Deleuze
Eric Cassidy 107

“The Hacker We Call God”: Transcendent Writing Machines in Kafka and Pynchon
David Porush 129

Portals in Duchamp and Pynchon
Martin E. Rosenberg 148

Abstracts of the Other Papers Presented at the Conference 176


Who’s Reading Whose Reading? (Review)
John Mascaro 188

Not for Specialists Only (Reviews)
Terry Caesar 192

Postmodernism and the Technological Imagination (Review)
M. Keith Booker 199

Other Books Received 205
Notes 206
Bibliography (-1996) 209
Contributors 223

Back Issues

Pynchon Notes has been published since October 1979. Although the early issues are now out of print, they are available in the form of photocopies.

  • Nos. 1- 4: $ 1.50 each; Overseas, $ 2.50.

    Nos. 5-10: $ 2.50 each; Overseas, $ 3.50.

    Nos. 11-17: $ 3.00 each; Overseas, $ 4.50.

    No. 18-19: $ 7.00; Overseas, $10.00.

    No. 20-21: $ 7.00; Overseas, $10.00.

    No. 22-23: $ 9.00; Overseas, $12.00.

    No. 24-25: $ 9.00; Overseas, $12.00.

    No. 26-27: $ 9.00; Overseas, $12.00.

    No. 28-29: $ 9.00; Overseas, $12.00.

    No. 30-31: $ 9.00; Overseas, $12.00.

    No. 32-33: $10.00; Overseas, $14.00.

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