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  • Selected Letters from Readers
  • Joshua Jones and Brenda E. Brasher, PhD

PMC Reader’s Report on Theoretical Obsolescence

I enjoyed reading your post - I am an avid reader of DeLillo (tried unsuccessfully to finish Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, it seems like it’s time for another shot) - I wholeheartedly agree that DeLillo can be in no way considered a postmodernist. Postmodernism, “the corpulence, the lack of pace, discernment, and energy”(Mao II) is precisely what he is fighting. His aim, I believe is to make the individual theoretically obsolete, for it is only in the “mohole-intense” realm of Reality, the shadow of Void-Core rationality, that an individual can find life. Anyway, it was thought provoking, and DeLillo deserves a lot of attention.

These comments are from: Joshua Jones
The email address for Joshua Jones is:

PMC Reader’s Report on Cyborgs

I have an article soon to be published in the journal for the American Academy of Religion that explores the history of cyborg discourse, and examines some possible reasons for the dearth of participation by traditional religious voices in it. The idea of a cyborg’s bisexuality provides an interesting nuance to the argument I’ve been making that I would like to discuss w/your author. Given the very high level of interest in the article I have written, I would also be interested in helping to organize a cross-disciplinary cyborg conference if you know of anyone planning such an event.

These comments are from: Brenda E. Brasher, PhD
Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio
The email address for Brenda E. Brasher is: BRENDA@NAUTICOM.NET

Joshua Jones
Brenda E. Brasher
Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio

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