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1. Essays in Postmodern Culture:

An anthology of essays from Postmodern Culture is available in print from Oxford University Press. The works collected here constitute practical engagements with the postmodern — from AIDS and the body to postmodern politics. Writing by George Yudice, Allison Fraiberg, David Porush, Stuart Moulthrop, Paul McCarthy, Roberto Dainotto, Audrey Ecstavasia, Elizabeth Wheeler, Bob Perelman, Steven Helmling, Neil Larsen, David Mikics, Barrett Watten. Book design by Richard Eckersley.

ISBN: 0-19-508752-6 (hardbound), 0-19-508753-4 (paper)


2. The New River: A Hypermedia Archive

Sometime later this year, the English Department at Virginia Tech, in connection with The Blue Penny Quarterly, will launch The New River, a revolving archive of hypertext and hypermedia literature and art. I’ll be editing The New River, and consequently I’m interested in receiving submissions of original and unpublished hypertext and hypermedia. I would like to see lyric and narrative art that exploits the computer as a site for creative work. Since The New River will be a web-based archive, work produced in HTML is preferred. However, stand-alone hypertext/media will also be considered — to be published, perhaps, as work available for downloading. Information on submission procedures for The New River is available from The Blue Penny Quarterly:

  • Ed Falco

    English Department

    Virginia Tech

    Blacksburg, VA 24061-0112

    Phone: 540.951.4112


3. Works and Days

Call for Subscriptions to WORKS AND DAYS since 1994

The New Series/The Second Decade/The Next Generation 1994—2004

In its 1994 “The Geography of Cyberspace” issue, WORKS AND DAYS looks into the future of literary and rhetorical studies. Far from abandoning the journal’s longstanding concerns for cultural studies, pedagogy, and institutional critique, its editorial collective sees the need to address these issues in the light of recent technological developments. This is our commitment for the 90’s and beyond.

The Geography of Cyberspace
Edited by David B. Downing and James J. Sosnoski

Contributors: John Barber, Jay Boersma, Peter Childers, Paul Delany, David B. Downing, Paul Fortier, Gail Hawisher, Norman N. Holland, Michael Joyce, Fred Kemp, Ian Lancashire, James McFadden, Charles Moran, Stuart Moulthrop, Helen Schwartz, Leroy Searle, Cynthia Selfe, James J. Sosnoski, Gary Lee Stonum, Michael Wojcik.

Pedagogy and Performance on the Electronic Frontier
Guest Edited by Charles J. Stivale

Contributors: Lynn Cherny, Ethel Enstrom, Allison Fraiberg, Leslie Harris, Cynthia Haynes, David Hogsette, Michael Joyce, Kim Fedderman, William Millard, Lisa Nakamura, Fridirick Pallez, Charles J. Stivale, Randall Woodland.

Cultural Studies and Composition:
Conversations in Honor of James Berlin
Edited by Keith Dorwick, David B. Downing, and James J. Sosnoski
Hypertext Edition Edited by Keith Dorwick

Contributors: Joanne Addiison, Kris Blair, Michael Blitz, Beth Campbell, David B. Downing, Patricia Harkin, Teresa Henning, C. Mark Hurlbert, Lisa Langstraat, Janice Lauer, Libby Miles, Sushil Oswal, Tina Perdue, James J. Sosnoski.

WORKS AND DAYS seeks new subscribers. Individual subscription rates are $15/year.You can subscribe by sending a check to:

English Department
110 Leonard Hall
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705.

Indicate which issue you wish to begin with; multiple subscriptions = no. of years x $15.

Institutional rate: $25/year

Support the cause! Become a “Friend of WORKS AND DAYS!” If you donate $25 or more, you will be listed on the “Friends of WORKS AND DAYS” page of each issue.

Inquiries welcome.

World Wide Web:


4. media ecology

beginning summer 1996

media ecology is a journal of intersections. Published here are works that examine techniques and technologies of transmitting messages, the content and meaning of those messages, and cultural interactions with the technologies and the messages. A place is also reserved in the journal for creative works that make use of new technologies. Intersections of theoretical and disciplinary positions are welcomed and encouraged. Submissions may be informed by semiotics, rhetoric, pedagogy, critical theory, and other positions that consider the manner...

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