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  • Notices

Every issue of Postmodern Culture will carry notices of events, calls for papers, and other announcments, up to 250 words, free of charge. Advertisements will also be published on an exchange basis. Send anouncements and advertisements to:

I. Publication Announcements:

  1. 1. Essays in Postmodern Culture

  2. 2. The Tribe of John

  3. 3. Minnesota Review

  4. 4. Gruene Street

  5. 5. Public Culture

  6. 6. The Walker Percy Internet Project

  7. 7. Queer-e

  8. 8. lucinda folio

  9. 9. Proverb Studies

  10. 10. Modern Fiction Studies

II. Conferences, Calls for Papers, Invitations to Submit:

  1. 11. Feminist Generations

  2. 12. Language Machines

  3. 13. TinFish

  4. 14. Centennial Review

  5. 15. Questions of Identity

  6. 16. Crossroads in Cultural Studies

  7. 17. Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition

  8. 18. Toposthesia

  9. 19. Hellas

  10. 20. Critical Mass

  11. 21. (Post)Colonialism and Culture in an American Context

  12. 22. Suitcase: A Journal of Transcultural Traffic

  13. 23. Texts and Images

  14. 24. Patheticism

  15. 25. SIGIR ‘95

  16. 26. Drake University Conference on Popular Music and Culture

  17. 27. Capitalism and the Postmodern

  18. 28. CATH ‘95

III. Other:

  1. 29. SIMA Handbook on Running a WWW Service

  2. 30. NYU in Cracow

  3. 31. Thematic Bibliographies in Computer Processing of Linguistic Communications

  4. 32. CREW

  5. 33. Humanities Canada

  6. 34. Woodrow Wilson Fellowships

Publication Announcements:

○ Essays in Postmodern Culture:

An anthology of essays from Postmodern Culture is available in print from Oxford University Press. The works collected here constitute practical engagements with the postmodern—from AIDS and the body to postmodern politics. Writing by George Yudice, Allison Fraiberg, David Porush, Stuart Moulthrop, Paul McCarthy, Roberto Dainotto, Audrey Ecstavasia, Elizabeth Wheeler, Bob Perelman, Steven Helmling, Neil Larsen, David Mikics, Barrett Watten. Book design by Richard Eckersley.

ISBN: 0-19-508752-6 (hardbound) 0-19-508753-4 (paper)

To order a copy by e-mail, click here.


○ The Tribe of John: Ashbery and Contemporary Poetry

The Tribe of John: Ashbery and Contemporary Poetry, ed. Susan Schultz. Coming in June from the University of Alabama Press.

Contributors include Charles Altieri, Charles Bernstein, Bonnie Costello, Donald Revell, Andrew Ross, and John Shoptaw. The book offers new readings of Ashbery’s work, as well as investigations of the cultural contexts of contemporary American poetry.


○ Minnesota Review


○ Gruene Street

GRUENE STREET: An Internet journal of poetry and prose invites submissions of prose (750–3500 words) and poetry (under 60 lines) for its premiere issue to appear late Summer/early Fall 1995. The editors of GRUENE STREET seek to provide an outlet for high-quality work that merits a sophisticated on-line audience, hoping to publish writing that at least aspires to the quality of work that appears in literary journals such as Kansas Quarterly, Cimmaron Review, Prairie Schooner, etc.—providing an alternative to the ‘zines and zine-like publications that seem to dominate the net.

GRUENE STREET accepts multiple and simultaneous submissions as well as previously-published work.

**** Submission Guidelines in Brief ****

FICTION no obvious genre-fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, romance, etc.) Excerpted novels OK. See poetry.
POETRY no real form/content limitations (except length). Please, no *gratuitous* sex/violence with no other purpose but shock value—if your attempting some sort of poetic rendition of Oliver Stone’s open to almost anything if it’s well done.
ESSAYS open to a variety subjects that might be of interest to a general/academic audience including education (i.e. critical pedagogy, reform), literary and cultural studies, non-sectarian political perspectives, liberation theology, postmodern/postcolonial as long as it is somewhat accessible and not caught up in its own cleverness, has *something* to say etc.++

We have a particular interest in publishing well-written essays (including analytical book reviews) and anticipate receiving far more fiction/poetry than non-fiction—so if in doubt, give us a try.

SUBMIT manuscripts via e-mail to editors at in ASCII text or HTML format. If your work is already somewhere on the WWW (such as your home page) send your URL. For more detailed info contact the editors at AFF@TENET.EDU or check out our home page on the World Wide Web:


○ Public Culture


○ The Walker Percy Internet Project

The Walker Percy Internet Project seeks...

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