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  • The Lamentation
  • Virginia Hooper


Philosophical speculation and recent history alike had prepared the way for an understanding of the process by which, in times long past, the gods had been recruited from the ranks of mortal men.

— Jean Seznec, The Survival of the Pagan Gods

Anything that serves as a hintor reminder of the past, either of two prayersin the canon beginning with the word Memento,the first being for the living, the second for the dead,each serving as a reminder of the past.At the line of the apparent meeting of the skywith the earth, the bounds of one's observation, knowledgeand experience unfold upon the pointwhere the observer stands. The great circleof a celestial sphere cutting the center of the mindmidway between its zenith and nadir,revealing a layer of memory characterized by the presenceof one or more distinctive centers of attraction.I came to know her again, to perceive heras identical with the one I had previously known.So related, as two concepts, that if the firstdetermines the second, then the seconddetermines the first. The quotient obtained in dividingunity by a number or expression. To pursuefor the purpose of catching; to range over an areain search of game; to chase, drive away,or pursue with greed; to search for eagerly.To search for until found; to find after a search.To utter the loud, mournful wail of a dog, wolf,or other animal. To utter such a cry in pain, grief or rage.

The first part of the romancebegan on an ancient instrument of execution,a horizontal piece near the top, upon which condemnedpersons were fastened until they died. A sacred symbolin many ancient religions, consisting basically of twointersecting lines. The emblem of Christianity,a representation of the cross upon which Christ died.Any severe trial, affliction or suffering.Anything that resembles or is intermediate between twoother things: a cross between poetry and prose.The accidental contact of two wires so that currentfrom one flows to the other. The geometric meanof two numbers. To move or pass from one sideto the other; go across; traverse. To drawa line across. To obstruct or hinder; thwart.Our paths had crossed. It had crossed my mindthis might happen. She made me promise to tell the truthby making the sign of the cross over my heart.She insisted I mark a cross on the palmof my hand, as though paying a fortuneteller.Choose implies an act of will: to choose a side.Select emphasizes careful consideration and comparison:to select the best cookie from a tray.To pick is to select because especially well fittedor appropriate. Cull means to select and collectat the same time: to cull striking passages from a book.To prefer is to favor mentally, often without any overtact: she preferred me for no other reason.But she had also thwarted it. This much I could remember,but not easily. Memory, remembrance, retrospect, recollectionand reminiscence refer to the recallingof one's past experience. Memory is the mentalfaculty by which this recall takes place; remembranceis the act of bringing something to mind:her eyes were like sapphires. Retrospect is the turningof the mind to the past, and recollectionthe voluntary calling back of what has been learnedor experienced. Of the two, retrospect suggestscontemplation or careful consideration of the past,while recollection is more specificand aims to recapture a single fact or eventfor some immediate practical purpose. Reminiscenceimplies the narration and savoring of past events.The card had been drawn. The Fool represents the absenceof all things real or imagined. It is the beginner'smind and the concept of nothingness."Now that you've come, stay a while."Either of the terms of the story that,separated in the premises, are joined in the conclusion,so that they are eternally happy. We met by the edge of the sea.Effect, consequence, result, outcome and upshotrefer to events or circumstances producedby some agency. Effect stresses...

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