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Every issue of Postmodern Culture will carry notices of events, calls for papers, and other announcments, up to 250 words, free of charge. Advertisements will also be published on an exchange basis. Send anouncements and advertisements to:

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  1. 1. Essays in Postmodern Culture

  2. 2. Black Ice Book

  3. 3. Black Sacred Music

  4. 4. The Centennial Review

  5. 5. Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science

  6. 6. College Literature

  7. 7. Contention

  8. 8. Difference

  9. 9. Discourse

  10. 10. Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture

  11. 11. Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology

  12. 12. GENDER

  13. 13. Hot Off the Tree

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  1. 26. PMC-MOO

  2. 27. Association for History and Computing Conference (UK Branch)

  3. 28. 4CYBERCONF: 4th International Conference on Cyberspace

  4. 29. Art and Virtual Environment Symposium

  5. 30. Chaos and Society Conference

  6. 31. Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture

  7. 32. Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture

  8. 33. Hypertext Fiction and the Literary Artist

  9. 34. The Linguistics of Humor

  10. 35. Literary Texts in an Electronic Age

  11. 36. National Symposium on Proposed Arts and Humanities Policies for the National Information Infrastructure

  12. 37. Postmodern Culture

  13. 38. PSYCHE

  14. 39. Research on Virtual Relationship

  15. 40. creensites 94

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  1. 41. FEMISA: Feminism, Gender, International Relation

  2. 42. HOLOCAUS: Holocaust List

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  1. 45. Princeton University: Humanities Consultant

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  1. 47. Gopheur Litterature

1. Essays in Postmodern Culture:

. . . Now Cordless

An anthology of essays from Postmodern Culture is available in print from Oxford University Press. The works collected here constitute practical engagements with the postmodern—from AIDS and the body to postmodern politics. Writing by George Yudice, Allison Fraiberg, David Porush, Stuart Moulthrop, Paul McCarthy, Roberto Dainotto, Audrey Ecstavasia, Elizabeth Wheeler, Bob Perelman, Steven Helmling, Neil Larsen, David Mikics, Barrett Watten. Book design by Richard Eckersley.

ISBN: 0-19-508752-6 (hardbound)

0-19-508753-4 (paper)



2. Black Ice Books

Black Ice Books is a new alternative trade paperback series that will introduce readers to the latest wave of dissident American writers. Breaking out of the bonds of mainstream writing, the voices published here are subversive, challenging and provocative. The first four books include:

Avant-Pop: Fiction for a Daydream Nation

Edited by Larry McCaffery, this book is an assemblage of innovative fiction, comic book art, unique graphics and various other unclassifiable texts by writers like Samuel Delany, Mark Leyner, William Vollmann, Kathy Acker, Eurdice, Stephen Wright, Derek Pell, Harold Jaffe, Tim Ferret, Ricardo Cortez Cruz and many others.

“One of the least cautious, nerviest editors going, Larry McCaffery is the No-Care Bear of American Letters.”

— William Gibson.

“A clusterbomb of crazy fiction, from a generation too sane to repeat yesterday’s lies.”

— Tom Robbins

New Noir

Stories by John Shirley

John Shirley bases his stories on his personal experience of extreme people and extreme mental states, and on his struggle with the seduction of drugs, crime, prostitution and violence.

“John Shirley is an adventurer, returning from dark and troubled regions with visionary tales to tell.”

— Clive Barker

The Kafka Chronicles

a novel by Mark Amerika

The Kafka Chronicles is an adventure into the psyche of an ultracontemporary twentysomething guerilla artist who is lost in an underworld of drugs and mental terrorism, where he encounters an unusual cast of angry yet sensual characters

“Mr Amerika—if indeed that is his name—has achieved a unique beauty in his artful marriage of Blake’s lyricism and the iron- in-the-soul of Celine. Are we taking a new and hard-hitting Antonin Artaud? Absolutely. And much more.”

—Terry Southern

Revelation Countdown

by Cris Mazza

Stories that project onto the open road not the nirvana of personal freedom but rather a type of freedom more resembling loss of control.

“Talent jumps off her like an overcharge of electricity.”

—LA Times

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