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edited by Joseph Natoli and Linda Hutcheon

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Reading a Postmodern Reader

I. Modern/Postmodern Preface
* Zygmunt Bauman “Postmodernity, or Living with Ambivalence.”
* Hans Bertens “The Postmodern Weltanschauung and its Relation to Modernism: An Introductory Survey.”
* Jean-Francois Lyotard from _The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge_
* Jurgen Habermas “Modernity versus Postmodernity.”
* Andreas Huyssen “Mapping the Postmodern.”
* David Herman “Modernism versus Postmodernism: Towards an Analytic Distinction.”
II. Representing the Postmodern Preface
* John McGowan from, _Postmodernism and its Critics_
* Jacques Derrida “Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourses of the Human Sciences.”
* Linda Hutcheon “Beginning to Theorize Postmodernism.”
* Ihab Hassan “Toward a Concept of Postmodernism.”
* Charles Russel “The Context of the Concept.”
III. Entanglements and Complicities Preface
* Fredric Jameson from, _Postmodernism, Or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism_
* Michel Foucault from, _The History of Sexuality: Volume I: An Introduction_
* Jean Baudrillard “The Precession of Simulacra.”
* Thomas Kuhn “The Resolution of Revolutions.”
* Cornel West “Black Culture and Postmodernism.”
* Barbara Creed “From Here to Modernity: Feminism and Postmodernism.”
* Jane Flax from, _Thinking Fragments_
* Stephen Slemon “Modernism’s Last Post.”
IV. Postmodern Practices Preface
* Henry Giroux “Postmodernism as Border Pedagogy: Redefining the Boundaries of Race and Ethnicity.”
* Agnes Heller “Existentialism, Alienation, Postmodernism: Cultural Movements as Vehicles of Change in the Patterns of Everyday Life.”
* bell hooks “Postmodern Blackness.”
* Paul Maltby from, _Dissident Postmodernists_
* Houston Baker Jr. “Hybridity, the Rap Race, and Pedagogy for the 1990’s.”
* Catherine Belsey “Towards Cultural History.”

State University of New York Press

(518) 472-5000

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_Black Ice Books_ is a new alternative trade paperback series that will introduce readers to the latest wave of dissident American writers. Breaking out of the bonds of mainstream writing, the voices published here are subversive, challenging and provocative. The first four books include:

_Avant-Pop: Fiction for a Daydream Nation_

Edited by Larry McCaffery, this book is an assemblage of innovative fiction, comic book art, unique graphics and various other unclassifiable texts by writers like Samuel Delany, Mark Leyner, William Vollmann, Kathy Acker, Eurdice, Stephen Wright, Derek Pell, Harold Jaffe, Tim Ferret, Ricardo Cortez Cruz and many others.

_New Noir_

Stories by John Shirley

John Shirley bases his stories on his personal experience of extreme people and extreme mental states, and on his struggle with the seduction of drugs, crime, prostitution and violence.

_The Kafka Chronicles_

a novel by Mark Amerika

The _Kafka Chronicles_ is an adventure into the psyche of an ultracontemporary twentysomething guerilla artist who is lost in an underworld of drugs and mental terrorism, where he encounters an unusual cast of angry yet sensual characters

_Revelation Countdown_

by Cris Mazza

Stories that project onto the open road not the nirvana of personal freedom but rather a type of freedom more resembling loss of control.

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