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Every issue of Postmodern Culture will carry notices of events, calls for papers, and other announcments, up to 250 words, free of charge. Advertisements will also be published on an exchange basis. Send anouncements and advertisements to:


Special Session #344, Friday 28 December, 1:45–3:00 PM

Grand Ballroom East, Hyatt Regency (1990 MLA

Convention, Chicago, Illinois, 27–30 December 1990)

“Canonicity and Hypertextuality: The Politics of Hypertext”

Session leader: Terence Harpold, University of Pennsylvania

Panelist 1: Ted Nelson, Autodesk, Inc.: “How Xanadu (Un)does the Canon”

Panelist 2: Stuart Moulthrop, Univ. of Texas/Austin: “(Un)doing the Canon I: The Institutional Politics of Hypertext”

Panelist 3: Jay David Bolter, UNC Chapel Hill: “(Un)doing the Canon II: Hypertext as Polis and Canon”

For more information, contact:

Terence Harpold

420 Williams Hall

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA 19104




Susan M. Schultz and Henry Hart invite submissions for a collection of essays on the subject of John Ashbery’s influence on contemporary poetry. Essays may address Ashbery’s influence on particular poets or on the climate of contemporary poetry more generally (e.g., his influence on the Language movement, New Formalism, etc.). Two copies of abstracts are due 15 November; two copies of your essays by 15 December to Susan Schultz at the Department of English, University of Hawaii-Manoa, 1733 Donaghho Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822.


Edited by R.K. Meiners

The Review aims to be a journal of cultural study, more concerned with the relationships among disciplines and their social implications than with any single discipline. It seeks to publish the best work available from both younger and established scholars.

Ethics in the Profession

Volume XXXIV, No. 2, Spring 1990

Guest Editor: Stephen L. Esquith

Locating Professional Ethics Politically Stephen L. Esquith

Cases and Codes: Challenges for Teaching Engineering Ethics Michael S. Pritchard

Called to Profess: Religious and Secular Theories of Vocation David H. Smith

The Ethics Boom: A Philosopher’s History Michael Davis

Pricing Human Life: The Moral Costs of Medical Progress Leonard M. Fleck

Faith and the Unbelieving Ethics Teacher Judith Andre

Professional Ethics, Ethos, and the Integrity of the Professions William M. Sullivan

Bioethics and Democracy Bruce Jennings

Subscription Rates: $10/year $15/two years

Foreign Postage—$3/year

Single Issue: $3

Please make your check payable to _The Centennial Review_. Mail to _The Centennial Review_, 110 Morrill Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1036


_New Delta Review_ seeks poetry, fiction, and black-and-white artwork. Eight-year-old journal has published primarily modern work; now we’re climbing up the levee to see what’s on the postmodern side. Show & tell: show us your best and tell us why. Send no more than 20 pages of prose or 5 poems, with SASE. Artwork sought for cover and interior of journal. Please send slides and SASE. Address to genre editor, _New Delta Review_, English Department, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5001.


_Discourse_, Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture, edited by Roswitha Mueller and Kathleen Woodward, explores a variety of topics in continental philosophy, theories of media and literature, and the politics of sexuality including questions of language and psychoanalysis. It provides a forum for genuinely interdisciplinary and intertextual discussion of culture.

Bi-annual. Subscriptions: $15 individuals, $30 institutions. Outside US, add $5 for foreign surface post. Send orders to Indiana University Press, Journals Division, 10th & Morton Streets, Bloomington, IN 47405. Or call 812-855-9449.



The _Women’s Studies Quarterly_ covers issues and events in women’s studies and feminist education, including in-depth articles on research about women and on projects to transform traditional curricula. Regular features are thematic issues, course descriptions and syllabi, information on national women’s studies programs and centers for research on women, book and film reviews, and notices of grants, scholarships, events, publications, and new organizations.

Thematic issues for 1990 and beyond will cover:

*Curricular and Institutional Change

*Women and Economics

*Women, Girls, and the Culture of Education

Thematic issues now available as single copies or in...

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