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The endnotes for Larry Hardesty's article: "Future of Academic/Research Librarians: A Period of Transition—To What?" which appeared in portal 2.1 were not printed in their entirety. Below are the missing endnotes.

50. See, for example, Lucksinger, "Teachers," Aiken, "Nurses," and the APHSA report "Public Child Welfare Agencies."

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52. Evan Farber, Earlham College Librarian Emeritus, e-mail to the author, October 2, 2000.

53. For examples see, Norman D. Stevens, "The Last Librarian." American Libraries 32 (October 2001): 60-64, and Mark Y. Herring, "Our Times, They Are A-Changin', But Are We?" Library Journal 126 (October 15, 2001): 42-44.

54. Larry Hardesty, "Computer Center and Library Relations among Small Colleges," in Books, Bytes and Bridges, ed. Larry Hardesty (American Library Association, 2000), 73-82.

55. Edward Meachen, "Merged and Unmerged Services," in Books, Bytes and Bridges, ed. Larry Hardesty (American Library Association, 2000), 96.

56. This brochure and information about "Shadow Day" are available from the Association of College and Research Libraries by writing: ACRL, 500 East Huron Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, telephoning 1-800-545-2433, ext. 2522, or e-mailing Visit ACRL's website at




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