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When Jim Donelan sent me his lucid review of Terry Pinkard’s new book on Hegel, I enjoyed it so much I wished I’d written it myself. However, publishing it over my own byline was not the best way to deal with my feelings. . . .

Actually, the review arrived shortly before our press deadline, and in my haste to edit and get it to the printer, I omitted Jim Donelan’s name at the bottom of the page. The printer naturally took my default email signature as identifying the author.

I’m flattered that my fellow editors, who were the only ones to see the last-minute proof, thought I’d written the review. But I’m even more pleased to set the record straight: James H. Donelan of the University of California, Santa Barbara, wrote the review of Terry P. Pinkard’s Hegel: A Biography, in vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 477–79 of this journal.

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