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  • The Bibliographical Society:The Annual General Meeting

The one hundred and sixteenth Annual General Meeting was held at Westminster Abbey Library, East Cloister, Westminster Abbey, London, on Tuesday 21st October 2008. The President, Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green, was in the Chair. The minutes of the previous AGM (which had been printed in The Library for June 2008) were taken as read, seconded by Mr Joseph Martin, and confirmed.

The President announced that Oliver Pickering would be retiring as Editor of The Library at the end of the year, and thanked him for having edited it to such a high standard and so punctually for a decade. He will be succeeded by Dr Bill Bell. The President also thanked Richard Linenthal, Hon. Treasurer, and Margaret Ford, Hon. Secretary, for their valuable assistance during her term of office.

In presenting the Annual Report for 2007/2008, the President noted the Society's publication of Richard Gameson's book, The Earliest Books of Canterbury Cathedral, and supplementary research grants awarded to Dr Michael Hunter for work on a database of British Book Illustration, 1604-1640; Dr Gerard van Thienen, for work on a database of watermarks in English incunabula; and Roey Sweet and John Hinks for a chapbooks project. She proposed the adoption of the Annual Report, it was seconded by Professor John Flood, and carried.

The Treasurer presented the Accounts for 2007, noting a drop in investment income in line with current instability in the financial markets, with the most notable drop in equity investments. He presented a current valuation of the Society's investment portfolio and took questions from the floor. He proposed the adoption of the Accounts; this was seconded by Professor Flood and carried. The proposal to appoint the firm Thornton Springer as Auditor for 2008 was also passed, after being seconded by Professor John Barnard.

The President stated that, Professor Simon Eliot, Dr John Hinks and Mr Giles Mandelbrote were due to retire from Council under normal rules of rotation and she thanked them for their contribution. The following nominations were put forward to fill the vacancies: Dr Maureen Bell, Professor Henry Woudhuysen and Professor James Raven. These nominations were formally seconded by Miss Robin Myers and approved. [End Page 239]

The President also stated that a new vice-president was to be elected and nominated Dr Kristian Jensen. The nomination was seconded by Professor John Barnard and approved.

All existing officers were willing to serve in their respective positions for another one-year term; their election was proposed, seconded by Professor Mirjam Foot, and carried.

The President also announced that her own term of office was ending and proposed Professor John Barnard, senior Vice-President, to succeed as President. This was seconded by Miss Robin Myers.

Professor Barnard paid tribute to the extensive contributions made by Dr Leedham-Green during her Presidential term, and the audience joined him in expressing its thanks for her hard work.

No other business was raised, and after closing the Annual Meeting, the President introduced Dr Tony Trowles, Librarian of Westminster Abbey Library, who spoke about the history of the library and led members to a display in the monastic library. [End Page 240]

Annual Report 2007-08

Officers of the Society

President: E. S. Leedham-Green; Past Presidents: M. M. Foot, D. J. Shaw, J. L. Flood; Vice-Presidents: J. Barnard, D. R. S. Pearson, L. Hellinga, C. Y. Ferdinand.

Hon. Secretary: M. L. Ford; Hon. Treasurer: R. A. Linenthal; Hon. Librarian: R. Myers; Hon. Editor of The Library: O. S. Pickering; Hon. Editor of Monographs: M. M. Foot.

Council: W. Bell, J. Boffey, S. Eliot, R. Halwas, J. Hinks, J. Kraye, G. Mandelbrote, K. Manley, D. J. McKitterick (co-opted), R. Ovenden.


The membership of the Society now stands at 874.

41 new members were elected during 2007.


The Annual General Meeting was held at the Middle Temple Library, 2 Plowden Buildings, Middle Temple Lane, London EC4Y 9BT on 16 October 2007, followed by an introduction to the Middle Temple Library and its collection.

The following ordinary meetings have been held:

  • Tuesday, 20 November 2007

    ISABEL RIVERS: Henry Scougal's The Life of...


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