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  • Post Global Warming Survival Kit
  • Petko Dourmana

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Post Global Warming Survival Kit is a low-light, infrared installation set in a post-apocalyptic world where a nuclear winter condition has been created as a radical solution to the problems of global warming and climate catastrophe. Viewers are initially confronted with a space seemingly empty except for a lone dwelling. Only after using the night vision devices provided are viewers able to perceive the desolate coastal landscape displayed as an infrared video projection. In this world, the sun’s life-giving rays are unable to reach the surface of the Earth, resulting in permanent twilight. Without the aid of technological augmentation, we would be blind. In the dwelling, viewers are charged with watching the sea. Survival aids and communications technology have been provided. The suggestion is that this coastal outpost is one of many.

Petko Dourmana is a media artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He works with a variety of contemporary art forms involving technology and new media. His current artistic interest is focused on exploring human perceptions and abilities for communication through the benefits as well as the disadvantages of new technologies. Recent works, research, and experiments have been based on the visual representation of history and visions for the future. His artistic projects have been [End Page 364] shown in traditional art spaces like ZKM Karlsruhe, ICA London, the Chelsea Art Museum, and Location One in New York. He has also shown in public spaces in Sofia, Berlin, Manchester, and New York. As a founder and chairman of InterSpace Association since 1998, he has been involved in production and co-production of art events and projects with Bulgarian and international artists and activists. Post Global Warming Survival Kit was one of eight works nominated for a Transmediale 2009 Award.

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Petko Dourmana


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