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  • Repetend for Fruit
  • Rachael Lyon (bio)

A fruit bowl on a wooden chair is my idea of comfort— like sun-warmed skin and air

mingling green and brown where apples ripen soft. I like to bite the skin and peel it off with painful care. A fruit bowl on a wooden chair

can ease the tension of a storm-filled night wind and water blowing in the air

that seem to rob the world of all its light.

If I squint, I can make out the rising clouds of dirt— not my idea of comfort— watching water pelt the ground. Such clout

is nothing like the stuff that I’m about: like sun-warmed skin and air like pears are sweeter where they’re hurt. Sweet fruit bruises tasting right is my idea of comfort. [End Page 423]

Rachael Lyon

Rachel Lyon is an MFA candidate at George Mason University and teaches creative writing there. She serves as managing editor of So to Speak, a journal affiliated with George Mason University’s creative writing program. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Zone 3, Oak Bend Review, and Cadenza, among others.



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