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Contributors to Volume 32 Franca R. Barricelli is Associate Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Her research focuses on the intenelations of theatre and political culture in eighteenth-century Italy. A comparatist by training, she has published on various aspects of revolutionary political culture, including theatre, politics, and civic identity in Venice from the demise of the Republic through the French and Austrian occupations. Jennie Batchelor completed her PhD on representations of dress and fashion in eighteenth-century sentimental literature at Queen Mary, University of London. She is the Chawton Postdoctoral Fellow in Women's Writing, 16801830 (University of Southampton and Chawton House Library) and is cunently researching a project on representations of female labor in works by female writers. William L. Chew III is Professor of History at Vesalius College, Free University of Bmssels. He is the author of A Bostonian Merchant Witnesses the Second French Revolution: James Price A Voyage and a Visit to France in 1792 (Bmssels: Center for American Studies, 1992) and has edited Images of America: Through the European Looking-Glass (VUB University P, 1997) and National Stereotypes in Perspective: Americans in France-Frenchmen in America (Rodopi Press: Amsterdam/Atlanta, 2001.) John E. Crowley is George Munro Professor of History at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His most recent book is The Invention of Comfort: Sensibilities and Design in Early Modern Britain and Early America (2001). He is writing a book on the creation of a global landscape in British visual culture, c. 1750-1820. Paola Giuli is Assistant Professor of Italian and Director of the Italian Program at Saint Joseph's University. Her publications include articles on Corilla OlÃ-mpica, literary improvisation and the poetics of the Accademia Letteraria Arcadia. Her book-in-progress Writing their difference: Arcadian Women's Inscription in Literary History (1750—1800) studies women's signatures and their historiographical traces. 371 372 / Contributors David Haley, Professor of English at University of Minnesota, is the author of books on Shakespeare and Dryden. He writes about the early modern community and how its political identity is projected in drama and literature. Joyce G. MacDonald is Associate Professor of English at the University of Kentucky, where she teaches courses in Renaissance literature. She has published several articles on Shakespeare and early modem drama, and is the author of Women and Race in Early Modern Texts (Cambridge University Press, 2002). Rebecca Messbarger is Assistant Professor of Italian at Washington University. She is author of The Century of Women: Representations of Women in Eighteenth-Century Italian Public Discourse (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2002). She is co-editing a volume with Paula Findlen for the University of Chicago series The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe titled The Contest for Knowledge: Debates Over Women's Learning in Eighteenth-Century Italy. She is cunently engaged in a book-length study of the life and work of Anna Morandi Manzolini. Johann JKReusch is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Tacoma, where he teaches in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program. He has published widely on the impact of tourism, colonialism, pedagogy and science upon cultural production in Europe. Leslie Richardson is an Assistant Professor of English at Xavier University of Louisiana. She is cunently at work on a longer study of the ways in which notions of subjectivity, femininity, and masculinity were fashioned in eighteenth-century fictional accounts of rape. Betty A. Schellenberg is an Associate Professor of English at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. She is author of The Conversational Circle: Rereading the English Novel, 1740-1775 (1996) and various articles on eighteenth-century prose texts and print culture, and co-editor of Part Two: Reflections on the Sequel (1998) She has recently co-edited with Nicole Pohl a special issue of the Huntington Library Quarterly on the Bluestockings, and is cunently completing a book-length study on the professional careers of mid-eighteenth-century women writers. Contributors / 373 Geraldine Sheridan is Associate Professor of French at the University of Limerick (Ireland). She has published a monograph on Nicolas Lenglet Dufresnoy and the Literary Underworld of the Ancien Régime (Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 1989); chapters for the study on...


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