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  • Textbooks in Greek and Latin:2009 Supplementary Survey
  • Judith Lynn Sebesta

This survey includes those Greek and Latin textbooks and language and etymology textbooks in print, published between November 2008 and March 2009, updating the 2008 full survey (CW 101.3) and 2007 supplementary survey (CW 100.3). Included also are textbooks inadvertently omitted from the 2008 full survey, and corrections for textbooks listed in that full survey. Data have been primarily gathered from the publishers themselves, supplemented by sources such as the annual Books in Print. A directory of publishers' abbreviations, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and websites appears at the end of this issue. Prices are those sent directly from the publishers or those listed in Books in Print; readers are advised that prices may change without notice. Books are assumed to be clothbound unless otherwise noted.

The texts in the section "Author/Genre" are primarily annotated editions. Those that include a translation are marked "w. tr." The inclusion of a vocabulary is noted by "v" unless the nature of the work makes such an annotation unnecessary. No bilingual series (e.g., Budé, Loeb), series of plain texts (e.g., Teubner, Oxford), or books written in foreign languages are included. The textbook's ISBN or publisher's order number, where available, precedes its price. Please note that when updating the ISBNs to the new thirteen-digit system, the survey preserved the format given by publishers. This means that many of the new ISBNs in this survey do not have hyphens separating numbers. Also, please note that the final digit of many of the thirteen-digit ISBNs may differ from that of the former ten-digit ones.

An asterisk (*) appearing after a text title indicates that AV or PC materials for that particular text are separately listed in the AV survey.

Readers are urged to inform the survey editor of additions and changes.

Greek I. Author/Genre


The Greek Anthology: Hellenistic Epigrams. Vol. 1 Epigrams. Vol. 2 Commentary, Indices. A. Gow and D. Page. Vol. 1: 978-0-521-73573-1 $99.00 (paper) (C)
The Greek Anthology: The Garland of Philip and Some Contemporary Epigrams. Vol. 1 Texts. Vol. 2 Commentary, Indices. A. Gow. 978-0 521-73758-6 $99.00 (C) [End Page 331]


Euripides: Helen. W. Allan. 9780521836906 $99.00 (cloth), 9780521545419 $38.99 (paper) (C)


Homer: Odyssey Books VI-VIII. A. Garvie. 9780521338400 $39.99 (paper) (C)


Lucian: A Selection. N. Hopkinson. 9780521842006 $99.00 (cloth), 9780521603041 $34.99 (paper) (C)


Plato: Alcibiades. N. Denyer. 9780521632812 $99.00 (C)
Plato: Protagoras. N. Denyer, 9780521840446 $90.00 (cloth), 9780521549691 $35.99 (paper) (C)


Sophocles: Antigone. M. Griffith. 9780521337014 $34.99 (paper) (C)

II. Beginner's Books

Edwards, L. A Reading Course in Homeric Greek Book Two (3rd ed.) 978-1-58510-176-4 $29.95 (paper) (F)
Ellsworth, J. Reading Ancient Greek: A Reasonable Approach (2nd ed.). Teacher's manual free with text adoption (paper) (McGH)
Shelmerdine, C. Introduction to Greek (2nd ed.) 978-1-58510-184-9 $36.95 (paper) (F)

III. Grammars and Grammatical Aids

Geannikis, E., A. Romiti and P. T. Wilford. Greek Paradigm Handbook. 978-1-58510-307-2 $12.95 (paper) (F)
Rijksbaron, A. The Syntax and Semantics of the Verb in Classical Greek: An Introduction. (3rd ed.). 978-0-226-71858-3 $20.00 (Chi)

IV. Readers

Hansen, W. Anonymous Life of Aesop. 978-1-931019-04-0 $11.95 (paper) (BMC)
Trapp, M. Greek and Latin Letters: An Anthology with Translation. 9780521495974 $99.00 (cloth), 9780521499439 $39.99 (paper) (C)

VII. New Testament

Beginner's Books

Countryman, L. Read It in Greek: An Introduction to New Testament Greek. 978-0-8028-0665-9 $24.00 (paper) (Eerd)
Robinson, T. Mastering New Testament Greek: Essential Tools for Students. 978-1-56563-576-0 $19.95 (paper) (Hen)


Long, G. Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Greek: Learning Biblical Greek Grammatical Concepts through English Grammar. 978-1-56563 406-0 $19.95 (paper) (Hen)
Mueller, W. Grammatical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek. 978 0-8028-1447-0 $12.00 (paper) (Eerd) [End Page 332]

Readers and Texts

Bruce, F. The...


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