restricted access Tessellations (For Danny Miller)
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Tessellations (For Danny Miller)

Our lives fold into themselves, seams run with cyclical precision, blanket out softly like moss.

Joys speak up in pairs, sorrows by dozens at the point of impact, in flashes of remembrance. Right now, for every hug shared we remember how many we lost in you, friend, mentor, brother.

But there is a quilt of things: our lives in Kentucky hills at first glance seem cut like wrists by roads but those roads instead connect us like seams to something intangible that we crave like family.

There is a wake after the funeral, beautiful storms after terrible ones, all tearing the world apart in spirographs, [End Page 44] patterns that connect us. Because you understood that family resonates more deeply than shared last names, it thunders around us in the limestone and shale and can’t be forgotten in a hundred days or years because the patterns always resonate like tessellations for those with eyes for them. [End Page 45]

Keith S. Wilson

Keith S. Wilson is an Affrilachian Poet who has lived the last ten years in Northern Kentucky. He was a student of Frank X Walker and the late Danny Miller at Northern Kentucky University, which recently awarded him a bachelor’s degree.