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Douglas A. Anderson is co-editor of Tolkien Studies.

Cynthia M. Cohen is an independent scholar living in Los Angeles, California. She holds an M.A. in English from California State University, Northridge and a B.S. in natural resource management from the University of California at Berkeley. She is registered as a certified arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and has professional work experience in forestry and arboriculture. She currently works as a technical editor for an environmental consulting firm.

Stefan Ekman is a doctoral student at Lund University, Sweden, where he is writing a dissertation on divisions of the modern fantasy landscape. He also teaches the fantasy and science fiction unit at the creative writing program in Lund, works as fantasy specialist for one of Sweden's main fantasy publishers, and lecturers on fantasy, manga, and roleplaying games in schools and libraries.

Jill Fitzgerald received her M.A. in English from Saint Louis University. She is a Ph.D. candidate and Medieval Studies Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her academic interests are primarily in Old and Middle English and Old Norse language and literature.

Verlyn Flieger is co-editor of Tolkien Studies.

Judy Ann Ford is a medieval historian at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Her area of specialization is popular religion in medieval England. Her background in English history and popular beliefs lends itself to an exploration of the elements of medieval culture in The Lord of the Rings. Her essay on the parallels between Rome and Tolkien's ideas of Minas Tirith appeared in Tolkien Studies 2. She co-directed with Robin Anne Reid a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on Tolkien in 2004, and they are currently organizing the 2009 Summer Institute on Tolkien. She is also working on a source study of Tolkien's use of medieval sermons.

Christopher Gilson attended the University of California at Berkeley and now works as a software engineer. He has been studying Tolkien's Elvish languages for the last forty years and is the present editor of the journal Parma Eldalamberon. He is part of a team that is editing and publishing Tolkien's extensive writings about his invented languages and scripts. [End Page 361]

Carl F. Hostetter is a Computer Engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Since 1989 he has been the editor and publisher of Vinyar Tengwar, a journal devoted to the scholarly study of Tolkien's invented languages. He also serves as a member of the appointed group of editors of Tolkien's linguistic papers, whose ongoing work is published in Vinyar Tengwar and (chiefly) in Parma Eldalamberon, edited by Christopher Gilson.

Ármann Jakobsson is a senior lecturer in mediaeval Icelandic at the University of Iceland (Háskóli Íslands). He has written two books on the image of kings in the Middle Ages and how they are represented in Icelandic medieval literature. He has delivered lectures on the connections between Tolkien's work and Icelandic medieval writing, and researched the origin and nature of Elves, Dwarves and Ents in Norse and Germanic mythology. He is the author of Tolkien og Hringurinn (Tolkien and the Ring, 2003).

Stuart D. Lee is a member of the English Faculty, University of Oxford, and of Merton College. He teaches on Old English, but has also lectured on the works of Tolkien, literature from the First World War, and electronic texts. His publications include The Keys of Middle-earth: Discovering Medieval Literature through the Fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2005) and Key Concepts in Medieval Literature (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2006), both jointly authored with Dr. Elizabeth Solopova (Bodleian Library).

Josh B. Long completed his M.A. thesis on Smith of Wootton Major at Cal Poly Pomona in 2006. Prior to this, he worked as a research assistant on Diana Pavlac Glyer's book The Company They Keep (Kent State, 2007). He has been published in Mythlore and teaches a class on Tolkien at Azusa Pacific University, CA. He is interested in Tolkien's minor works and the interaction of the Inklings, and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in the near future. He currently teaches...


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