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To produce this artwork, I spent time in the Assisted Conception Unit and the Genetics Department of Guy's Hospital, London, closely observing scientific procedures, and looking through microscopes at chromosomes, eggs, and embryos. My conversations with staff gave me an understanding of their work and helped produce ideas for pieces.

Medical science and art are both inventive but in very different ways. Put them together and they can cross-fertilize and inspire each other. In this way, art can speak to science and science to art, and thereby together better address, and nurture, the human condition.

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New Beginnings—2 cell

Images of blossoms are contained within the very first stages of human preimplantation development. [End Page 229]

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Cookie Cutters with Chromosomes

Animal chromosomes are reflected within each cookie cutter shape. These chromosome pictures are from a 1932 book, and although some numbers were found to be incorrect, the images show the great genetic similarities between species. [End Page 230]

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Chromosomal Stripy Socks

Human chromosomes, when viewed under the microscope, have the banded appearance of striped socks. These socks belong to staff members from the Cytogenetics Department of Guy's Hospital, London. Each chromosome, like a sock, is made of a long thread, although in the case of chromosomes, the thread is made of DNA. Each parent contributes one chromosome to each of the 23 pairs. [End Page 231]

Gina Glover

Gina Glover lives and works in England. She is a co-founder and director of Photofusion Photography Centre in London. In 2008 Gina received the Royal Photographic Society's Hood Medal, and she was the recipient of the Medical Research Council's Novartis/Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Award in 2003 and 2004. Visit for more work in this series or for more on the artist. [End Page 228]

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