Funded by the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), the ECHO DEPository Project supports the digital preservation efforts of the Library of Congress by contributing research and software to help society GET, SAVE, and KEEP its digital cultural heritage. Project activities include building Web archiving tools, evaluating existing repository software, developing architectures to enhance existing repositories' interoperability and preservation features, and modeling next-generation repositories for supporting long-term preservation. This article describes the development of the Hub and Spoke (HandS) Tool Suite, built to help curators of digital objects manage content in multiple repository systems while preserving valuable preservation metadata. Implementing METS and PREMIS, HandS provides a standards-based method for packaging content that allows digital objects to be moved between repositories more easily while supporting the collection of technical and provenance information crucial for long-term preservation. Related project work investigating the more fundamental semantic issues underlying the preservation of the meaning of digital objects over time is profiled separately in this issue (Dubin et al., 2009).