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Preface Peter S. Allen and A. LiIy Macrakis To inaugurate the new journal of the Modern Greek Studies Association we are publishing a selection of papers from the Association's 1980 symposium entitled, "Women and Men in Greece: A Society in Transition." Together with two additional articles scheduled for publication in the October issue, these two sets of papers represent a coherent statement on the status and role of the sexes in contemporary Greek society. Contained in the first set are papers from three sessions: "Literature as a Mirror of Changing Sex Roles," "Women in History," and "Women in Ritual and Religious Life," introduced by classicist William F. Wyatt, Jr., chairman of the session on "Women in History" at the 1980 symposium. The entire contents of the symposium session "Symbolic Aspects of Male-Female Relations in Greece," with the addition of Juliet du Boulay's paper on symbolic aspects of the Greek dowry (originally part of the "Family" session), make up the second set. Anthropologist Loring Danforth, who organized the session and recruited its participants , has provided introductory remarks. We wish to extend our thanks to everyone who helped in the preparation of these papers. Special thanks go to Adamantia Pollis, who helped during the early stages, and to Peter Bien for editorial assistance. We would also like to thank all the participants of the 1980 symposium. ...


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