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683 INDEX TO VOLUME 50 OF CRITICISM (2008) Volume 50, Number 1, pp. 1–173 Volume 50, Number 2, pp. 177–343 Volume 50, Number 3, pp. 345–554 Volume 50, Number 4, pp. 555–682 Articles Augustine, Matthew C. “Lillies Without, Roses Within”: Marvell’s Poetics of Indeterminacy and “The Nymph Complaining.” 255 Belletto, Steven. Cabaret and Antifascist Aesthetics. 609 Chandler, Nahum D. Of Exorbitance: The Problem of the Negro as a Problem for Thought. 345 Clody, Michael C. Shakespeare’s “Alien Pen”: Self-Substantial Poetics in the Young Man Sonnets. 471 Clune, Michael. “Whatever Charms Is Alien”: John Ashbery’s Everything. 447 Crimp, Douglas. Disss-co (A Fragment). 1 Echols, Alice. The Land of Somewhere Else: Refiguring James Brown in Seventies Disco. 19 Kronengold, Charles. Exchange Theories in Disco, New Wave, and Album-Oriented Rock. 43 Kuchar, Gary. Ecstatic Donne: Conscience, Sin, and Surprise in the Sermons and the Mitcham Letters. 631 Lin, Tan. Disco as Operating System, Part One. 83 Lott, Eric. Perfect Is Dead: Karen Carpenter, Theodor Adorno, and the Radio; Or, If Hooks Could Kill. 219 Lupton, Christina. Theorizing Surfaces and Depths: Gaskell’s Cranford. 235 Mickalites, Carey James. The Abject Textuality of The Secret Agent. 501 Moten, Fred. The Case of Blackness. 177 Nyong’o, Tavia. I Feel Love: Disco and Its Discontents. 101 Patke, Rajeev S. “Responsibility” and “Difficulty” in the Poetry of Paul Muldoon. 279 684 INDEX Pierrot, Grégory. “Our hero”: Toussaint Louverture in British Representations. 581 Rand, Erica. I Wanted Black Skates: Gender, Cash, Pleasure, and the Politics of Criticism. 555 Straw, Will. Music from the Wrong Place: On the Italianicity of Quebec Disco. 113 Tucker, Irene. Picturing Utilitarianism: John Stuart Mill and the Invention of a Photographic Public. 411 Reviews Ball, Katie Brewer. On Wow and Now: A Celebration of Feminist and Queer Performance, curated by Nao Bustamante, Karen Finley, and José Esteban Muñoz 543 Brawley, Lisa. On Planet of Slums by Mike Davis 151 Carmody, Todd and Heather K. Love. On “Anxiety, Urgency, Outrage, Hope . . . A Conference on Political Feeling” 133 Diaz, Robert. On Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times by Jasbir K. Puar 533 Freedgood, Elaine. On War of No Pity: The Indian Mutiny and Victorian Trauma by Christopher Herbert 551 Glavey, Brian. On Notes from the Air: Selected Later Poems by John Ashbery, Ashbery’s Forms of Attention by Andrew DuBois, and John Ashbery and You: His Later Books by John Emil Vincent 527 Lukes, H. N. On Dead Subjects: Toward a Politics of Loss in Latino Studies by Antonio Viego 301 Mandel, Naomi. On Lost Bodies: Inhabiting the Borders of Life and Death by Laura E. Tanner 663 Massey, Irving. On Coleridge and German Philosophy: The Poet in the Land of Logic by Paul Hamilton, and Coleridge and the Crisis of Reason by Richard Berkeley 339 Neuman, Justin. On The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie 675 Petrovsky, Helen. On Profanations by Giorgio Agamben 145 Pruchnic, Jeff. On The Affective Turn: Theorizing the Social edited by Patrician Ticiento Clough with Jean Halley and The Affect Effect: Dynamics of Emotion in Political Thinking and Behavior edited by W. Russell Neuman, George E. Marcus, Ann N. Crigler, and Michael MacKuen 158 INDEX 685 Ragain, Melissa. On Have I Reasons: Work and Writings, 1993–2007 by Robert Morris 333 Ross, Kelly. On Impersonality: Seven Essays by Sharon Cameron 327 Shaviro, Steven. On Multitude: Between Innovation and Negation by Paulo Virno 319 Stein, Jordan Alexander. On Periodization and Sovereignty: How Ideas of Feudalism and Secularization Govern the Politics of Time by Kathleen Davis 655 Szemán, Imre. On Art and Revolution: Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century by Gerald Raunig 313 Watson, Janell. On Molecular Revolution in Brazil by Félix Guattari and Suely Rolnik 659 ...


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