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  • Volume 45 Index

Winter 2002, volume 45, number 1


Science and Medicine

Mysteries of Life: Is There “Something Else”?     1

Christian de Duve

Ethics and Philosophy

Medicine, Public Health, and the Ethics of Rationing     16

Alfred I. Tauber

The Scientist Demanding Wisdom: The “Bridge to the Future” by Van Rensselaer Potter     31

Marianna Gensabella Furnari

Gene Maps Lead Medicine Down the Wrong Road     43

Robert Pollack

History and Biography

Perspectives Fulfilled: The Work and Thought of J.V. Neel (1915–2000)     46

Kenneth M.Weiss and William J. Schull

Is Osler Dead?     65

Jeremiah A. Barondess

Medical Education and Practice

The Impact of Culture on Sex Assignment and Gender Development in Intersex Patients     85

Ursula Kuhnle and Wolfgang Krahl [End Page 633]

Literary Inquiry and Professional Development in Medicine: Against Abstractions     104

Delese Wear and Lois LaCivita Nixon

Essay Reviews

Ethical Issues in Biomedical Publishing     125

Robert L. Perlman

Translating Science     131

Nathan Sivin

Book Reviews

Thinking about Evolution: Historical, Philosophical, and Political Perspectives     141

edited by Rama S. Singh, et al. / reviewed by Michael Ruse

The Birth of the Cell     144

by Henry Harris / reviewed by Francis H. Straus

Teaching Hospitals and the Urban Poor     147

by Eli Ginzberg / reviewed by Guenter B. Risse

Biologists and the Promise of American Life: From Meriwether Lewis to Alfred Kinsey     149

by Philip J. Pauly / reviewed by Christine Keiner

Bioethics in America: Origins and Cultural Politics     152

by M. L.Tina Stevens / reviewed by Audrey K. Gordon


Free Creations     30

Harry P. Kroitor

Beach Immigrants     84

Barnacles     140

Thomas Peter Bennett

From the Editors’ Desk     156

Spring 2002, volume 45, number 2


Science and Medicine

Race, Ethnicity, and Health: Can Genetics Explain Disparities?     159

Lundy Braun [End Page 634]

Perspectives on Dimensional Analysis in Scaling Studies     175

John Prothero

Ethics and Philosophy

The Karamazov Complex: Dostoevsky and DNR Orders     190

Martha Montello and John Lantos

History and Biography

The Enduring Scientific Contributions of Sigmund Freud     200

John E. Gedo

High-Tech Brains: A History of Technology-Based Analogies and Models of Nerve and Brain Function     212

Kyle L. Kirkland

Population Genetics and Sociobiology: Conflicting Views of Evolution     224

James Schwartz

“No Practical Capabilities”: American Biological and Chemical Warfare Programs During the Korean War     241

Conrad C. Crane

Medical Education and Practice

Conflicting Interests in Toronto: Anatomy of a Controversy at the Interface of Academia and Industry     250

David Healy

Life or Death, Mad or Sane—Who Decides?     264

Andrew C. Markus

Culture and Society

Sue’s Several Heads: The Evolution of the Natural History Museum     272

Leo P. Kadanoff

Essay Reviews

The Nature of Smell     281

Eric B. Keverne

Symbiogenesis as a Partner of Mutation     287

Douglas Zook

Book Reviews

Life Everywhere: The Maverick Science of Astrobiology     292

by David Darling / reviewed by James F. Kasting

Ahead of the Curve: David Baltimore’s Life in Science     294

by Shane Crotty / reviewed by Bernard Roizman [End Page 635]

The Eternal Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and Its Peoples     296

by Tim Flannery / reviewed by Brian Miller

New Challenges to Health: The Threat of Virus Infection     300

edited by Geoffrey L. Smith, et al. / reviewed by James J. Goedert

Environmentalism Unbound: Exploring New Pathways of Change     302

by Robert Gottlieb / reviewed by Helen Ingram

Mechanics of Motor Proteins and the Cytoskeleton     305

by Jonathon Howard / reviewed by Lincoln E. Ford

Cosmic Evolution: The Rise of Complexity in Nature     307

by Eric J. Chaisson / reviewed by Hillel Braude

A Question of Intent: A Great American Battle with a Deadly Industry     309

by David A. Kessler / reviewed by Peter G. Tuteur

History of Suicide: Voluntary Death in Western Culture     311

by Georges Minois, translated by Lydia G. Cochrane / reviewed by Paul Seaver

The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease: Ethical Issues from Diagnosis to Dying     316

by Stephen G. Post / reviewed by Peter M. Jucovy

Summer 2002, volume 45, number 3


Science and Medicine

Functional Salutogenic Mechanisms of the Brain     319

Donald F. Smith

Ethics and Philosophy

Media Appeals for Directed Altruistic Living Liver Donations: Lessons from Camilo Sandoval Ewen     329

Lainie Friedman Ross

Bioethical Pluralism and Complementarity     338

Frederick Grinnell, Jeffrey P. Bishop, and Laurence B. McCullough

History and Biography...


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