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AKG C214 Microphone

AKG's C214 microphone (see Figure 1) is a budget version of the classic C414 series of microphones. It uses the same 1-in. diaphragm with patented edge-terminated back plate technology designed for smooth and wide frequency response. The microphone has a cardioid pattern and a frequency range of 20–20,000 Hz. An integrated capsule suspension system is aimed at reducingmechanical noise and a 150 Hz 6 dB per octave low-cut filter is also included. A switchable 20 dB attenuation pad is available for close microphone placement. The maximum SPL is 136 dB and 156 dB at 0 and -20 dB levels, respectively. The signal-to-noise ratio is 81 dB (A-weighted).

The C214 microphone has a double-mesh, dent-resistant metal grill and a scratch-resistant finish. The XLR connection is gold-plated. The microphone measures 6. 3 × 2. 2 in. and weighs 0.62 lbs. The package includes a spider shock mount, windscreen, and metal carrying case.

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Figure 1.

The AKG C214 microphone.

The C214 is listed for US$ 649. Contact: AKG Acoustics GmbH, Lemböckgasse 21-25, A-1230 Vienna, Austria; telephone (+43) 186654-0; fax (+43) 1866-548-800; electronic mail; Web

Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin Microphone

The MKH 800 Twin microphone from Sennheiser (see Figure 2) is a dual-capsule microphone based on the company's MKH 800 model. The pick-up pattern does not have to be set at the microphone but can be determined at the mixing console by a combination of fader and signal phase settings. All standard pick-up patterns can be created along with intermediate stage patterns.

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Figure 2.

Sennheiser's MKH 800 Twin dual-capsule microphone.

The microphone offers a wide frequency response from 30 Hz to 50 kHz. The pick-up pattern remains constant over almost the whole frequency range. The maximum SPL is 134 dB and the microphone is touted as a low-noise model.

A slim design has been used with the microphone measuring 27 × 136 mm and weighing 172 g. It is available in a nickel color or a dark gray non-reflectiveNextel coating, for use in film and TV. Themicrophone is packaged with a microphone clamp, a shock mount, an adaptor cable (XLR-5 to two XLR-3 connectors), a user manual, and an aluminum transport case.

The MKH 800 Twin microphone is listed for US$ $3,356. Contact: Sennheiser, Am Labor 1, Wennebostel, 30900 Wedemark, Germany; telephone (+49) 513-060-00; fax (+49) 513-060-0300; Web

ADAM A5 Studio Monitor

The A5 studio monitor from ADAM (see Figure 3) is an updated and smaller version of the company's A7 powered monitor. The company's proprietary transducer technology (ART) tweeter, and carbon fiber and Rohacell subwoofer is used in both. A smaller 5.5-in. subwoofer is used in the A5 monitor. Two 25 W amplifiers are built-in and the frequency response is 55 Hz to 35 kHz (±3 dB). The rear panel of the monitor features controls for input and high-frequency gain, as well as equalization settings for adjusting to [End Page 82] individual rooms. Balanced XLR and un-balanced RCA inputs are included. A new stereo-link feature allows the user to adjust the volume of both loudspeakers with a single control.

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Figure 3.

The A5 studio monitor from ADAM.

The monitors are available in a matte black finish or a glossy black or white version. Desktop stands for optimal acoustics are also available. The dimensions are 6. 8 × 11. 2 × 7. 9 in. and each speaker weighs 11 lbs.

The A5 monitors are listed for US$ 700 (pair) for the matte black finish and US$ 769 (pair) for the glossy finish. Contact: Adam Audio GmbH, Ederstrasse 16, D-12059, Berlin, Germany; telephone (+49) 308-630-0970; fax (+49) 308-630 0977; electronic mail; Web U.S. customers can contact: Adam Audio USA, 31312 Via Colinas, Unit 108, Westlake Village...


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