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CONTENTS / VOLUME 37 spring 2007 Slavoj Žižek’s Hegelian Reformation: Giving a Hearing to The Parallax View Adrian O. Johnston The Eleatic Bergson Donna Jones The Professor’s Desire Anca Parvulescu Mourning and Subjectivity: From Bersani to Proust, Klein, and Freud L. Scott Lerner Virtual Trauma: The Idiom of 9/11 Marc Redfield summer–fall 2007 Taking Exception to the Exception Jason Frank and Tracy McNulty From the Sacrifice of the Letter to the Voice of Testimony: Giorgio Agamben’s Fulfillment of Metaphysics Jeffrey S. Librett The Commandment against the Law: Writing and Divine Justice in Walter Benjamin’s “Critique of Violence” Tracy McNulty Exception in Žižek’s Thought Erik Vogt The Miracle of Metaphor: Rethinking the State of Exception with Rosenzweig and Schmitt Bonnie Honig “Unauthorized Propositions”: The Federalist Papers and Constituent Power Jason Frank Politics Is a Mushroom: Worldly Sources of Rule and Exception in Carl Schmitt and Walter Benjamin Kam Shapiro 3 21 32 41 55 3 11 34 61 78 103 121 summer–fall 2007, continued Willing and Deciding: Hegel on Irony, Evil, and the Sovereign Exception Andrew Norris “Above and beneath classification”: Bartleby, Life and Times of Michael K, and Syntagmatic Participation Gert Buelens and Dominiek Hoens Visual Empire Susan Buck-Morss winter 2007 Jameson’s Modernisms; or, the Desire Called Utopia Phillip E. Wegner The Literary Thing Pierre Macherey Futures of Literature: Inhitat, Adab, Naqd Jeffrey Sacks Views from Above and Below: George Eliot and Fakir Mohan Senapati Paul Sawyer Plasticity and Elasticity in Freud’s Beyond the Pleasure Principle Catherine Malabou 135 157 171 3 21 32 56 78 ...