In Alabama the term "coastal shoreline" applies to the Gulf shoreline and the shorelines of estuaries, bays, and sounds connected to the Gulf of Mexico and subject to its tides. However, Alabama shoreline studies have yet to include Little Lagoon, which has been connected to the Gulf of Mexico for most of the last 200 years according to historical charts. This study presents an analysis of shoreline change on Little Lagoon based on aerial photographs dating from 1955 to 2006. All images were georeferenced, projected, and digitized in a Geographic Information System to create sliver polygons that represented areas of change. The net change in lagoon size between 1955 and 2006 was relatively small (-0.4 percent), but significant changes occurred when evaluated on a larger scale. The greatest changes to Little Lagoon were found on its southern shoreline near tidal inlets, human development, and hurricane over-wash fans.


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