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NO. 1 (1st Quarter) No. 206 o.s. joseph alkana Disorderly History in “My Kinsman, Major Molineux” 1 michael pringle The Scarlet Lever: Hester’s Civil Disobedience 31 andrew loman Cosmopolitan Detachment in Hawthorne’s “Prophetic Pictures” 57 james hewitson “To Despair at the Tedious Delay of the Final Conflagration”: Hawthorne’s Use of the Figure of William Miller 89 Contributors 112 NO. 2 (2nd Quarter) No. 207 o.s. matthew cordova frankel Tattoo Art: The Composition of Text, Voice, and Race in Melville’s Moby-Dick 115 Contents for ESQ, Volume 53, 2007 ESQFinalBook.indb 415 1/21/09 9:15:07 AM john evelev Picturesque Reform in the New England Village Novel, 1845–1867 149 andrew knighton The Bartleby Industry and Bartleby’s Idleness 185 Contributors 216 NO. 3 (3rd Quarter) No. 208 o.s. albert h. tricomi Harriet Jacobs’s Autobiography and the Voice of Lydia Maria Child 217 david greenham The Skeptical Deduction: Reading Kant and Cavell in Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” 253 derek pacheco “Disorders of the Circulating Medium”: Hawthorne’s Early Children’s Literature 283 Contributors 320 NO. 4 (4th Quarter) No. 209 o.s. jennifer gurley Emerson’s Politics of Uncertainty 323 erin suzuki Frauds and Gods: The Politics of Religion in Melville’s Omoo and Mardi 361 ESQFinalBook.indb 416 1/21/09 9:15:07 AM jennifer j. baker REVIEW ESSAY | Natural Science and the Romanticisms 387 Contributors 413 ESQFinalBook.indb 417 1/21/09 9:15:07 AM ...


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