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PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 24.2 (2002) 30-31

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Wonderland (partial text) (2000)

Julia Scher



attention there are live cameras here, in
wonderland, recording you.
warning, live cameras, here now, recording you.
In wonderland. warning, your size may change,
here in wonderland, thank you for coming!
your wonderland guard today is phoebe. phoebe
is your wonderland guard.
your guard today is elizabeth. elizabeth is your
wonderland guard today.
follow me, with children, to wonderland!
follow me, to wonderland. attention, attention,
no rights for robots
fantasy body search engines
we are the people of wonderland we are here to
service you we are the people of wonderland . . .
mouse up! mouse up! mouse up!
attention mouses down, mouses down
our intelligent room is here to service you!
this wonderland room hole is an intelligent room
tracking your movements, now.
don't worry you are being tracked, completely . . .
here, in wonderland.
attention stay awake, please stay awake
in the gallery.
this intelligent space is made from ten thousand
zillion bytes.
attention, robot mannequin, prowling, now.
warning there is no translation of I in this area
computer please give me the layout for the
virgin islands!
our wiring closet is a layer 3 wilderness
please come inside and explore
our wonderland hole and wiring closet is a
layer 3 wilderness area
your spaceā€”not your potency, is important to us.
off with her head, off with her head.
the door mouse says off with her head.
at your request, I will be showing you new
improved children's merchandise.
thank you for posing and providing your body
juices in our hole area
it's twilight in america
where is adaweb where's ada web its twilight in
the web
attention body fluid testing in this area
attention this smart space is resettling


if this is such a smart room how come I'm
tripping on all this stuff?
why don't you pay attention to me?
hey what's wrong? why is it so hard to see
stuff in here?
hey, here's the access hole, hey over here, here's
the hole hey here's the hole!
hey, what's this x-ray machine doing on now?
this is not a good resting place! I'm getting
out of here
hey I don't want to be a clone kid!
hey I don't want your inflated ego crash site!
hey, you are the people of wonderland, but
where are you?
you're servicing what/
hey, that's my rope!
there's no romance about uniforms!
it's twilight, and if the mouse handlers are here,
where are they?
it's time for you to realize that i'm not available
for access control platform
hey! give me that gas mask!
if this is a smart room why is the furniture
too small
hey if this is a smart room, why are there all these
wires on the floor?
if this is a smart room, how come i'm tripping
on all this stuff?
if this is a smart room, how come the lights
don't work?
if this is a smart room, how come you sound
so dumb?
hey, you're just a pack of cards
your space isn't my space
if this is an intelligent room, why are all these
weird people in here?
if you're so smart, how come you have that weird
background music?
if you're so smart why does what you say sound
so dumb?
hey give me my jpeg back
I want my jpeg back
I don't have the layout for the virgin islands
if this is such a smart room, why is there a child
sacrifice platform in the middle
you're just a pack of bytes
you're just a pack of bytes
you're just a crazy pack of bytes!




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