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| 1157 Index to American Quarterly©2008 The American Studies Association Index to American Quarterly Volume 60 March 2008 to December 2008 Ulrich Adelt, Germany Gets the Blues: Negotiations of “Race” and Nation at the American Folk Blues Festival 951 Ana María Alonso, Reconsidering Violence: Warfare, Terror, and Colonialism in the Making of the United States (Book Review) 1089 Ruth M. Alexander, Who Are We, and What Is the Land to Us? (Book Review) 1099 Benjamin Balthaser, Cold War Re-Visions: Representation and Resistance in the Unseen Salt of the Earth 317 Joanne Barker, Gender, Sovereignty, Rights: Native Women’s Activism against Social Inequality and Violence in Canada 259 Thomas A. Bass, Counterinsurgency and Torture 233 John Bloom, Playing with the Lines (Book Review) 193 Laura Briggs, Gladys McCormick, and J. T. Way, Transnationalism: A Category of Analysis 625 Robert Buerglener, Motive Powers: Transportation and Culture in the United States (Book Review) 1113 Rachel Ida Buff, The Deportation Terror 523 Victoria Cain, Exhibitionary Complexity: Reconsidering Museums’ Cultural Authority (Book Review) 1143 Sarika Chandra, Re-Producing a Nationalist Literature in the Age of Globalization: Reading (Im)migration in Julia Alvarez’s How the García Girls Lost Their Accents 829 Kornel Chang, Enforcing Transnational White Solidarity: Asian Migration and the Formation of the U.S.-Canadian Boundary 671 Mary Chapman, A “Revolution in Ink”: Sui Sin Far and Chinese Reform Discourse 975 Sasha Costanza-Chock, The Immigrant Rights Movement on the Net: Between “Web 2.0” and Comunicación Popular (Review) 851 Jennifer Denetdale, Carving Navajo National Boundaries: Patriotism, Tradition, and the Diné Marriage Act of 2005 289 Finis Dunaway, Gas Masks, Pogo, and the Ecological Indian: Earth Day and the Visual Politics of American Environmentalism 67 Fatima El-Tayeb, The Birth of a European Public: Migration, Postnationality, and Race in the Uniting of Europe 649 | 1158 American Quarterly Adrián Félix, New Americans or Diasporic Nationalists? Mexican Migrant Responses to Naturalization and Implications for Political Participation 601 Mishuana Goeman, (Re)Mapping Indigenous Presence on the Land in Native Women’s Literature 295 Adam Golub, We Are What We Teach: American Studies in the K-16 Classroom (Book Review) 443 Kristen Silva Gruesz, Lexical Snacks at the Citizen Restaurant: A Response to Vicki Ruiz 33 David G. Gutiérrez and Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Introduction: Nation and Migration: Past and Future 503 Lisa Kaholeole Hall, Strategies of Erasure: U.S. Colonialism and Native Hawaiian Feminism 273 Jason Haslam, The State of Prison (Book Review) 467 Cheryl Higashida, To Be(come) Young, Gay, and Black: Lorraine Hansberry’s Existentialist Routes to Anti-Colonialism 899 Peter J. Kastor, “What are the Advantages of the Acquisition?”: Inventing Expansion in the Early American Republic 1003 J. Ke -haulani Kauanui, Native Hawaiian Decolonization and the Politics of Gender 281 Roshanak Kheshti, Musical Miscegenation and the Logic of Rock and Roll: Homosocial Desire and Racial Productivity in “A Paler Shade of White” (Review) 1037 Thomas P. Kinnahan, Charting Progress: Francis Amasa Walker’s Statistical Atlas of the United States and Narratives of Western Expansion 399 Kristina Klein, Why American Studies Needs to Think about Korean Cinema, or, Transnational Genres in the Films of Bong Joon-ho 871 Catherine Gunther Kodat, Margaret Garner and the Second Tear (Review) 159 Jake Kosek, Toward a Biopolitics of Injury: Wounding in American Legal Culture (Book Review) 223 Philip Kretsedemas, Immigration Enforcement and the Complication of National Sovereignty: Understanding Local Enforcement as an Exercise in Neoliberal Governance 553 Lisa Levestein, Jobs and Justice (Book Review) 215 Nhi Lieu, Toward a “Subjectless” Discourse: Engaging Transnationalist and Post Colonial Approaches in Asian American Studies (Book Review) 491 Sunaina Maira, Belly Dancing: Arab-Face, Orientalist Feminism, and U.S. Empire 317 Sunaira Maira, Flexible Citizenship/Flexible Empire: South Asian Muslim Youth in Post-9/11 America 697 | 1159 Index to American Quarterly J. M. Mancini and Graham Finlay, “Citizenship Matters”: Lessons from the Irish Citizenship Referendum 575 Laura L. Mielke, A Tale Both Old and New: Jamestown at 400 (Book Review) 173 Dion Million, Felt Theory 267 Asha Nadkarni, “Word Menace”: National Reproduction and Public Health in Katherine Mayo’s Mother India 805 Christopher Newfield, Can American Studies Do Economics? (Book Review) 1125 Elaine Pe...


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