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October 6, 2008 Time: 03:11pm shr038.tex Eighty-Seventh Volume: Numbers 223–224 Contents A RT I C L E S 183 The Calculation of Columba’s Arrival in Britain in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History and the Pictish King-lists Nicholas Evans 1 Bede, the Firth of Forth, and the Location of Urbs Iudeu James E. Fraser 26 When Onomastics Met Archaeology: A Tale of Two Hinbas Pamela O’Neill 206 Scots and Galwegians in the ‘peoples address’ of Scottish Royal Charters Kenji Nishioka 233 A Kingdom Cleared of Castles: The Role of the Castle in the Campaigns of Robert Bruce David Cornell 42 Pettyfoggers, Regulation, and Local Courts in Early Modern Scotland John Finlay 258 From Enquiry to Improvement: David Ure (1749–1798) James H. Burns 68 Archibald Campbell’s Enquiry into the Original of Moral Virtue, Presbyterian Orthodoxy, and the Scottish Enlightenment Anne Skoczylas 101 ‘New Light on Whatley’s Numbers’: The German Market for Scots Salt in the Eighteenth Century Philipp R. Roessner 278 ‘A Very Dangerous Place’? Radicalism in Perth in the 1790s Val Honeyman 121 Ceremony in Context: The Edinburgh University Tercentenary, 1884 Robert Anderson 306 The Fasces and the Saltire: The Failure of the British Union of Fascists in Scotland, 1932–1940. Stephen M. Cullen October 6, 2008 Time: 03:11pm shr038.tex R E V I E W S 364 Bell (ed.), Lord Cockburn: Selected Letters 359 Brotherstone et al. (eds), These Fissured Isles 175 Campbell et al. (eds), The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle 168 Carey, Locke, Shaftesbury, and Hutcheson 352 Edwards and Jenkins (eds), Edinburgh 156 Eriksonas and Muller (eds), Statehood Before and Beyond Ethnicity 354 Ewan et al. (eds), The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women 333 Foster and Cross (eds), Able Minds and Practiced Hands 338 Fuller (ed.), Calendar of Papal Letters 341 Graham, Seawolves 361 Grass, Gathering to His Name 149 Green, Henry I 357 Holmes, The Shaping of Ulster Presbyterian Belief and Practice 180 Johnman and Murphy, Scott Lithgow 351 Jupp, The Governing of Britain 356 Kilday, Women and Violent Crime 172 Knox, The Lives of Scottish Women 151 MacAndrew, Scotland’s Historic Heraldry 362 MacColl, Land, Faith and the Crofting Community 339 Macdonald, Mission to the Gaels 174 MacMillan, Handful of Rogues 178 McKean, Battle for the North 170 Merolle, Dix and Heath (eds), The Manuscripts of Adam Ferguson 345 Miller (ed.), Anglo-Scottish Relations: from 1900 154 Murdoch, Network North 332 Noble, Neolithic Scotland 163 Plank, Rebellion and Savagery 335 Prestwich, Plantagenet England 165 Robertson, The Case for Enlightenment 350 Rodger, The Command of the Ocean 162 Sankey, Jacobite prisoners of the 1715 Rebellion 158 Scott, The Union of 1707 148 Sharpe, Norman Rule in Cumbria October 6, 2008 Time: 03:11pm shr038.tex 345 Smout (ed.), Anglo-Scottish Relations: from 1603 to 1900 152 Stewart, Urban Politics and the British Civil Wars 336 Stevenson, Chivalry and Knighthood in Scotland 159 Szechi, 1715 365 Wallace, John Stuart Blackie 176 Watts, A Canticle of Love 343 Whatley, The Scots and the Union 146 Woolliscroft and Hoffman, Rome’s First Frontier ...


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