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eric berlatsky “Everything in the World Has Its Own Color”: Detecting Race and Identity in Paul Auster’s Ghosts 3/109 stuart burrows Losing the Whole in the Parts: Identity in The Professor’s House 4/21 lmichael cohen Whittier, Ballad Reading, and the Culture of Nineteenth-Century Poetry 3/1 jen dunnaway “One More Redskin Bites the Dirt”: Racial Melancholy in Vietnam War Representation 1/109 lydia fisher The Savage in the House 1/49 matt godbey Gentrification, Authenticity and White Middle-Class Identity in Jonathan Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude 1/131 richard hardack “A Woman Need Not Be Sincere”: Annie Dillard’s Fictional Autobiographies and the Gender Politics of American Transcendentalism 3/75 stephanie hawkins Savage Visions: Ethnography, Photography, and Local-Color Fiction in National Geographic 2/33 contents, volume 64, 2008 steven hawley Making Metaphor Happen: Space, Time and Trickster Sign 2/95 mark c. jerng The Character of Race:Adoption and Individuation in William Faulkner’s Light in August and Charles Chesnutt’s The Quarry 4/69 jacques khalip Cruising Among Ghosts: Hart Crane’s Friends 2/65 philip kuberski Kubrick’s Odyssey: Myth, Technology, Gnosis 3/51 bethany l. lam Light in August in Light of Foucault: Reexamining the Biracial Experience 4/51 peter maber “So-called black”: Reassessing John Berryman’s Blackface Minstrelsy 4/129 timothy materer James Merrill’s Late Poetry: AIDS and the “Stripping Process” 2/123 john michael Liberal Justice and Particular Identity: Cavell, Emerson, Rawls 1/27 justine s. murison Hypochondria and Racial Interiority in Robert Montgomery Bird’s Sheppard Lee 1/1 154 Contents, Volume 63, 2007 joel nickels Wallace Stevens’ Owl’s Clover and the Dialectic of Deceit 4/103 gino michael pellegrini Jean Toomer and Cane: “Mixed-Blood” Impossibilities 4/1 tom perrin Beauty and the Priest: The Use and Misuse of Aesthetics in The Damnation of Theron Ware 3/31 doyle r. quiggle, jr. Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqdan in New England: A SpanishIslamic Tale in Cotton Mather’s Christian Philosopher? 2/1 kelley wagers Race, Nation, and Historical (Re)Form in The Souls of Black Folk 1/77 Contents, Volume 63, 2007 155 ...


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